3. Ft Pierce to Cocoa, FL

Boating seems to be one big lesson. Was going to leave Memorial Day morning. Performed the morning engine room routine checking the fluid levels etc. Check. Unhooked from shore power and started the generator – want to keep the ac running, you know😎. Check. Started the stbd engine. Check. Started the port engine. Click. Wait, that was supposed to be a “Check”, not a “Click”. Engine wouldn’t start. Wouldn’t turn over. Nothing. Starter not engaging. For what reason, I don’t know, but waited an hour or so to try again. Still nothing. Mechanics aren’t going to be available on a holiday so nothing left to do but hook the shore power back up again etc.

By 1 or 2 pm, temp was rising into the 90’s and it sure would be nice to go to the pool. So I walked back to the fuel dock/harbor master to pay for another night, to get the pool key back and to ask for a mechanic recommendation. Explained to the dock hand why I was staying and why I was looking for a mechanic and he asked if I was sure the transmission was in neutral. Like a car, it won’t start while in gear. I hit myself upside my head. Have had electricians on board for the prior 3 days installing navigation equipment at both helms. What would be the odds that the shift lever might have been moved in the process?? It had been and when put in neutral, the engine fired right up. Something I knew but now experience has fortified the knowledge. That won’t happen again!

So after a good nights sleep, I left instead this morning. Since the holding tank was nearing full and the intention is to snchor out for the next few nights, I headed back to Ft Pierce City Marina for a pump-out and once done, back to the ICW north. Had a nice cruise on a very nice day. The breeze on the bridge greatly tempered the heat. Covered 64.9 nm (nearly 75 statute miles) averaging 9.67 mph.

We had fellow travelers a number of times today

Found another nice anchorage on the lee of the West Merritt Island Causeway just off of downtown Cocoa, FL. Probably a dozen boats at anchor. Made some great burgers for dinner, mmm.

Today’s route:

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2 thoughts on “3. Ft Pierce to Cocoa, FL”

  1. Used to see them a lot at the condo though more manatee there. The porpoises probably joined up 4-5 times and it was cool. Could see them better from the flybridge height than from the 18’er I had. Only took me an hour to learn how to post the video🤨


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