4. Cocoa FL to Daytona Beach

Short entry for today. First day of the trip that I actually started my NEBO tracking app as I was leaving in the morning only to somehow stop the app midday. In case you hadn’t noticed, I like the app and all the tracking stats and being able to post the visuals🙁. Absent the app, it appears that today covered about 67 miles. Seeing America on the fast road!😎

It was another hot beautiful day. Temps in the mid 90’s but a nice breeze on the bridge most of the time. Learning and getting used to the new electronics and how to quickly find the features. I especially like the new auto pilot set up. It’s a bigger hydraulic pump with much much quicker response time to commands. I maybe touch the wheel once every half hour or so.

Here’s a birds eye look at our wake, taken by the new rear camera and wifi’d or the flybridge chart plotter screen.

Was going to anchor for the nite besides one of Daytona’s many bridges but quite a number of other were already there. With a breeze of 20 knots and increasing a longer anchor set was called for which would increase the radius for potential swing. Too crowded so headed to a marina to dock. Thought I was going to Halifax City Marina in Daytona. Looked at a boat for sale there in Dec and though there was no deal there, the owners were most gracious and encouraging and even provided some advice on some Hatteras’s that I wanted to see. They took their boat off the market and have done an extensive refit so I thought maybe I’d get a glance at it. Who’da think there’d be two Halifax marinas in Daytona Beach! And I’m at the other one – Halifax River Yacht Club. A nice facility and a very helpful dock crew.

Made a nice dinner, went for a swim and even did a bit of (free) laundry. Running the dryer on board on a hot day is a bit counterproductive to air conditioning. Ordered more provisions online from Publix grocery to be delivered to the slip in the morning..

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One thought on “4. Cocoa FL to Daytona Beach”

  1. We love Publix, heard that they started the delivery service! How perfect for you! Their homemade key lime pie was Mimi’s favorite, she had a piece every night! Happy voyages to you and Deb!


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