5. Daytona Beach to Jacksonville, FL with an interim stop at Marineland

Left Thursday am and headed north 31 nm stopping for the night at Marineland, FL. The cruise was uneventful. The town has constructed a very nice and quite new municipal marina. Great floating docks, current gfi code power, water and pump out available at the slip. It was fairly windy and a good tidal current but the dock master was excellent catching our lines and getting us set up. It was a block walk across A1A to the Atlantic beach. Inasmuch as Daytona Publix failed to deliver the groceries in the morning, contacted Lyft and rode 6 miles to the nearby Marineland town Publix to reprovision. I was unable to post to the blog since the WiFi was basically unusable and my cell service not good enough for data.

Marineland Marina with Last Resort (Looper icon) shown in slip.
Rewarded with a beautiful sunset

Friday morning heralded another hot sunny day as Last Resort headed out towards JAX 52 nm away.

It felt longer than 52 nm as at least 20 miles were thru a deep but very narrow ‘ditch’ with scrub land on the west side and lots and lots of housing/docks on the east side. It was low tide and all the docks were high and dry. A bit disconcerting seeing exposed tidelands on both sides with maybe, at many spots, only 200’ width of navigable water. Saw lots of interesting dock/deck/tiki designs with some, even, 3 stories high. Different party levels or my dock is better than yours scenarios? Whatever, it was No Wake the whole way and I was glad it was not a holiday weekend!

Arriving hot and tired at JAX, it looked like a thunderstorm was moving in (it passed to the north) and I sought anchorage at a spot recommended in the Waterways Guide. Still low tide, I bumped the bottom getting in and pulled out of there. Across the river (Sisters Creek) the Waterways Guide showed a free dock but noted it was nearly always full. Crossed over to find the dock built along a deep side channel with only one boat tied up – a sailboat from Ontario being soloed to Belize. Another great floating dock (making tides irrelevant as far as tying up) with water hookups! No power. The boat docks are an extension off a fisherman’s pier which doesn’t appear to be heavily used. At the far end is parking, a tot lot, bathrooms and trash receptacles. I have come to understand why a trash compactor is much more needed on my boat than it was in my condo!

Saturday morning. Last night the bow thruster mysteriously and intermittently started running. Think a solenoid stuck. I have a spare and might get around to troubleshooting it today. Promises to be a hot day and have decided to stay the day and for another night. There’s presently a nice breeze and i’ve got the washing machine doing a load of laundry.

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