6. Sisters Creek Jacksonville to Jekyll island, GA

Out of FL in time to beat the tax man and only two days beyond what is allowed by my insurance (have to be north of FL by the beginning of hurricane season). Left our Jax dock on a rising tide and spent most of the travel day at mid to high tide which made some of the skinnier areas easier. Total distance today – 50.5 nm or 58 statute miles,

Channels are often laid out on the chart plotter but those are updated only annually. More up dated surveys are done by the Corps of Engineers and available online via the internet. Finally there is crowd sourcing – online word of mouth, so to speak. One of those sites is Bob423 both online and on Facebook. He runs southbound from the Chesapeake to southern FL each fall and back north in the spring. Like in the fairytale Hansel and Gretel, chart plotters drop ‘breadcrumbs’ so you can see the trail of where you’ve been. When Bob423 sees a change in the channel/route, he saves his ‘breadcrumb’ trail and publishes it. Many cruisers subscribe (free) and contribute comments and further additions. I am able to download the USACE (Corps) overlays and Bob423 tracks to a microchip and I have a card reader that is cabled to the chart plotter and the chart plotter channels and the USACE and Bob tracks all identifiably appear together on the screen.

Made good use of this feature today to get thru and past many shoaled areas. Arrived hot and tired at Jekyll Island Marina and tied up for the night. Jekyll Island appears to be a neat little area. The marina has golf carts which can be used for 1.5 hours at a time to take to the newer shopping beach area or to the what used to be hoity toity exclusive historic district and now includes home to a sea turtle hospital. Probably will stay a second night to take advantage of the pool and sightseeing and Tuesday morning’s tide is more favorable (+/- 7’).

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5 thoughts on “6. Sisters Creek Jacksonville to Jekyll island, GA”

  1. I think Mimi and I stopped at or near Jekle Island, she had friends in the area. I see that so far you’ve traveled on “the inside”, at what point will you be “running on the outside”?


    1. I think the the VanderZydens winter here? The 1st ‘have to’ run outside is in NJ though there are some other area which may be ‘want to’


      1. Yes, it was the Vander Zyden’s I was thinking of. The outer banks should be a fun area to see from the water as opposed to the RV.


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