9. Beaufort, SC

Sitting dockside at Downtown Marina in Beaufort, SC. Pronounced like ‘beautiful’ in SC while Beaufort NC is pronounced boh fert as in Beauregard. They take their names seriously.

Had a pretty easy and uneventful trip. The only shallow area was Fields Cut between Savannah River and New River but we took that at high tide so with an extra 8-9’ of water, never saw less that 12’. Much of the rest of the way was wide and deep. Encountered rolly conditions crossing the wide Port Royal Sound. Total distance covered today was 41 nautical miles.

Most of the trip was through marsh lands except going past Hilton Head Island.

Increased boat traffic, tour boats and jet skis were proof of civilization and tourism

Parasailing (not me) at Hilton Head

It was a sweltering 91 degrees with 326% it thereabouts humidity upon arrival in Beaufort and we are now under a severe thunderstorm warning with a possibility of tornados (though no watch). Tied on some extra line and put out extra dock piling fenders as I am on the face dock and exposed to the river.

Walked a couple of blocks of downtown late this afternoon till near collapse from heat. A waterfront town lined with shops kind of like Pentwater, MI – though much older. In the short walk, old large houses were also in evidence.

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3 thoughts on “9. Beaufort, SC”

  1. History assignment for you.
    A German sub was captured approaching either Buaufort SC or NC. Which one?
    To be honest, I don’t remember.
    Lesson was given to my motor coach tour group on one of our tours there several years ago.


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