21. Colonial Beach VA to Occoquan, VA

Thursday made the 55 mile trip to Occoquan, VA. It was a nice travel day. Weds coming into Colonial Beach we ran some miles through the US Navy’s Dahlgren Firing Range. Colonial Beach is about midway thru the range on the Virginia side. So today as Last Resort headed further north up the Potomac it ran thru the remainder of the range. Unlike Weds, the range was NOT live today so we were able to run straight through it.

The run was past Quantico VA, home of the FBI labs and then a few miles north to the Occoquan marina for the weekend. This past Sunday was Granddaughter Juliana’s Profession of Faith. Their church is only 18 miles by car from the marina and Vic and Jon’s home another 18 miles.

Had lunch with Jon and Vic Friday at the marina restaurant and Juliana and her special friend Collin came early afternoon. We went out for a short boat ride, maybe a total of 15 miles or so and then headed out for supper. It was a nice time. Saturday Jon & Vic came out after lunch and we had a nice visit followed by dinner at Chuy’s, a Tex Mex restaurant – Great nachos! Following church on Sunday, we gathered at Vic & Jon’s for lunch (homemade Korean fare that was very different for me and very good) and also for a home made dinner. Thursday, when they came, they brought my Saturn that I used to tow behind the motor home so I had weekend wheels!!! I got to restock groceries Saturday morning. I had ordered new air conditioner strainer baskets online which were to be delivered Monday. They arrived by 9 am and within the hour I left. Great weekend!!

marina restaurant

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