22. Occoquan VA to Colonial Beach

This post is basically a filler – preventing a gap in the trip. After a wonderful family weekend, it was time to leave and head back towards the Chesapeake Bay. I delayed leaving Occoquan an hour or so to wait for UPS deliver 2 new correctly sized air conditioner raw water strainer baskets and once received I retraced my “steps” to Colonial Beach. It was a pleasant day and ride. The final 10 miles to Colonial Beach was extended to probably 15 due to the fact that the Dahlgren firing range was “hot” and Last Resort was redirected on the perimeter. So the total trip was about 50 statute miles.

Returned to the same Marina in Colonial Beach and even the same slip. The next day’s forecast was for thunderstorms, high winds and even, perhaps, tornadic conditions so I decided to stay two nights. In actuality there was no rain, no thunder and no wind on Tuesday though conditions were probably a bit bumpier south toward the confluence of the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay. I did package up the incorrect sized strainer baskets that I previously received and borrowed the marina golf cart to bring them to the post office for return. I detoured on my drive back to see more of the beach part of this town. Very nice.

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2 thoughts on “22. Occoquan VA to Colonial Beach”

    1. Thanx. At my age I NEED the play by play record or else I’d forget last week😄. I thought that putt10.com was pretty cool and was excited when I found it available. I have putt10.net too but not using it.


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