25. Annapolis, Kent Island, St Michels MD Area

A pic from the chart plotter of the area. The Bay Bridge linking Annapolis to the Eastern Shore crosses the Chesapeake Bay upper middle of the pic. Annapolis on the left and the arrow drawn to the marina I was at on the right. If you use two fingers you can enlarge the chart. The deep blue and the red icons with a sailboat on them indicate public marinas. The deep blue and the green icons with anchors are formal anchorage area while the light blue icons are public launch ramps. Certainly a boating area!

Left the Solomons and headed north 48 nm to Kent Island – across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis and 20 miles or so north of St Michaels, both areas which need to be explored. Had a one week reservation at Lippencott Marina also to accommodate a doctor’s appointment.

Also while here, one more attempt was made to fix the two air conditioner units that service the below deck staterooms. It’s hard to remember cool dry conditions below. Don’t think the 2 guest staterooms really ever worked consistently since I got the boat and certainly not since the Owl Creek (Ft Myers -early April to mid May) fiasco. To date, besides the so called AC guy at Owl Creek, I have had 7 Dometic authorized and trained techs on board. In fairness, some early complaints also focused on the Pilothouse AC unit and the HPF faults showing due to the mud grounding in Ft Myers. Nonetheless, the techs always, in the ensuing months focused on water flow, clearing lines, chemical flushing, water pump in/out flow etc. and with no results.

The thermostats in the staterooms were funky showing temps going down in 3-5 degree increments every 10-20 seconds until reaching 03 degrees and the climbing in the same way till reaching 80-90 degrees. Since the compressors are cooled by outside seawater, one never expects ice cold air when in hot summertime seas but cooling and most importantly dehumidifying is expected and the salon AC, working well, gave a good indication of what should be expected.

These ac units are like home ac systems which have the ac compressors outside with the air handler, general furnace, inside. My compressors/condensers are all below deck in the engine room while the air handler/blowers are in the living spaces. A week or so ago when the pilot house and salon ac’s were turned “off” but the stateroom ac’s were on, a visit to the engine room disclosed that though it sounded like the stateroom acs were on because the stateroom air handlers were blowing air, the engine room was actually silent and there wasn’t even any vibration from the two stateroom compressors. So the thermostats were sending and receiving signals but those signals were not getting to the compressors.

And so I called another AC guy who was instructed to focus solely on the 2 circuit boards. Sure enough, they weren’t working. One had apparently even been ‘repaired’ at some earlier time in its life by having the thermostat cable actually GLUED to the board. Bottom line neither board was functional and I had 2 new boards installed and a new cable end installed and I have had cold dry air continuously in the staterooms for 5 days now!!!!🥶

About a half hour after leaving the marina at Solomons, it was time to round the point and get back onto the Chesapeake.

About 10 miles up the Chesapeake, saw an offshore oil off load depot.
The tanker is tended by 4 tug boats. One is visible in this shot, about midship, and appears so tiny in comparison.
The Chesapeake is quite active with commercial shipping.
Temporary tie at the dock on Kent Island while marina staff figures out what end is up. Seems they put someone else the the slip they had assigned to Last Resort.

There were several fun restaurants a couple of blocks from the marina.

Fisherman’s Crab Deck
And The Jetty

A drive across the Bay Bridge into Annapolis

Old downtown waterfront Annapolis
Waterfront at the far end of the street
Another downtown street
“old” replica tour boat, powered by twin outboards, turns around in the dinghy basin at the foot of one of the downtown streets. You can tie your boat here to go shopping, eat dinner or get an ice cream cone!

And to the east is St Michaels, a thoroughly quaint town and home to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. The museum is an 18 acre waterfrontg campus dedicated to how the locals used to live, work and play on the Bay (before running tourist traps😀).

The museum also contains a full marina as well as a tour boat
And an adjacent restaurant
This lighthouse was at one time located miles offshore. Interesting to go inside and see how the light keeper lived. The curved ‘posts’ on the outside were used for supply boats to tie up.
Lots and lots of old boats of various types are displayed and explained.
Crab and oyster packing plant. Machine in the middle was an attempt at automated crab picking. Didn’t work well – too many she’ll fragments. One plant here used to to ship 1,000,000 points of oysters a year.
A ‘buy boat’ would go out to the crabbing grounds and buy the catches from the small crabbers and bring the accumulated catches to market.
A large oyster boat which you can go aboard and explore.
The museum shop that demonstrates old boat building sells their finished product to raise $
Town’s shopping street
Hard at work, writing the blog!

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  1. Had to come back here to doublecheck where you are. Hope you’ll be too far north to feel the hurricane’s effects? Enjoyed seeing picture of the Blogger. How have you not changed a bit all these years? You must have your portrait hanging down in the mechanical room, Mr. Gray 🤣


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