27. Heading South

Have left my “home” of the last month, Anchorage Marina In Baltimore, to start my slow trek south for the winter. I figure about 5-6 weeks to get to the FL/GA border and about 2 months to get to FtPierce, FL. It is there that I intend to ha Last Resort hauled at Cracker Boy boatyard. It’s a large DIY boatyard ringed with shops of independent contractors in the marine trades. Do what work yourself or hire it done. Last November I had a prospective boat hauled a surveyed there and spoke with a number of boat owners using the yard. I was favorably impressed. I plan to have the bottom repainted, some minor cosmetic fiberglass work done and the have the hull and topsides waxed. A couple of months ago, one of the hydraulic hoses connected to the trim tabs came loose and the small reservoir of fluid drained out. I had the diver back in Southport reattach it but, assuming some water entered the system, I haven’t refilled the reservoir. So I’ll get that fixed as well. Doing that will help the boat get on plane quicker (more efficient).

Got a reasonable start before 9 am this morning and had an uneventful trip to Herrington Harbor South Marina – some 40 nm south. 30 nm of the route to Annapolis Bay Bridge was merely a retracing of my route north 30 days ago. Much easier navigating using the ‘breadcrumbs’ route electronically left on the nav plotter from the prior route. No need to find the markers using binoculars etc. Just follow the prior track. Seas were running from the south at 2 ft or so (some whitecaps) with 2 sec intervals so it was a bit choppy but overall an easy ride. It was a chilly morning necessitating donning a light jacket for the first time this year. Herrington Harbor South is a large marina but somewhat isolated from town. It does have full utilities, nice, albeit fixed, docks and has a pool and a Bay beach. There is also a deli on site and a next door restaurant. It is also very full. A nice place to spend the night.

I’m tied up on one of their T Heads. This is looking down the dock to shore as seen from the salon/cockpit
After dark, I’m taking a chainsaw to cut 25’-30’ off the yacht across the fairway from me. It’s just too big. 🤪

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3 thoughts on “27. Heading South”

    1. When will you be heading south for your first fishing R&R? Sort of guessing I’ll be in Ft Pierce over Thanksgiving and hope to be in Islamorada for the month of Jan


      1. Looks like the first week of November for ten days or so. Hope to return after Christmas for a few weeks.


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