28. Back to Solomons Island

Today was a relatively short and easy travel day from Herrington Harbor to Solomons, MD. Weather was good, seas at 1 foot on the bow, distance short. Diesel price was good so I took on fuel before leaving Herrington. They offered a 20 cent per gallon discount over 300 gallons which I took advantage of.

And a quick supper at the marina outdoor cafe

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3 thoughts on “28. Back to Solomons Island”

    1. I think the same thought every month/yr as I write checks for taxes, ins, hoa/condo fees etc. tried to go to the condo board meeting this morning only to find that there isn’t one at the marina so I guess I’ll leave and see if there’s a Dan Truckey and or Lee Smith at the next marina.


    2. I forgot – my.checks for auto ins, registration etc and my flood ins checks. And I don’t have to pack a suitcase to cruise to the Bahamas or rent a hotel room in the Keys 😎😎😎

      Everything is a trade off


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