35. Oriental NC to Spooners Creek Marina (Moorhead City NC)

A nice run in nice weather today mostly within the banked confines of the ICW.

Most of the north south portion of the run was down Adams Creek where I finally ran into significant pockets of humanity.

At the southerly end of Adams Creek there was ample remaining evidence of Hurricane Matthew

At Beaufort/Morehead City, the ICW makes a sharp westerly turn and becomes a much wider body of water with its banks filled with development.

I headed to Spooners Creek Marina a few miles west of Morehead City. It’s a private condo marina that I also stopped at on the way north. The main reason I stopped there was the upcoming weather. The marina is off a small creek off the ICW and is quite protected. Tomorrow is supposed to be 100% chance of rain and windy. Possible gale force winds in fact. A good day to stay in a hidey hole. As long as I was here, I took advantage of their pumpout facility and also fueled up – 362 gal. I still had nearly 500 gal in the tank but the price and volume discount was OK and somehow it always feels good to have some tanks full and others empty. The trick at my age is to remember which is what.

From my slip at Spooners Creek looking towards the exit around the corner back out to the ICW.

Cabbed over to a nearby Wally World to reprovision. Another ‘tank’ full. Used the opportunity to buy myself a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt. C’mon storm! And it complied. The rain started during the night and the first real gust that I’m aware of hit around 6 am (a slight bump against a face dock post. The boat is very quiet and very stable. About the only sound you hear is the light sound of water slapping the waterline which does transmit a bit below deck. Probably hear that in my stateroom once or twice a week as I go to sleep. When it’s there, the rythmatic light sound is very soothing. Anyway the following day was very wet outside and windy but far short of a gale. The life ring hanging on a hook at the fuel dock blew off and I took the opportunity during lulls to readjust the fenders and lines – three times ( as wind direction shifted and I was a side tie along a face dock). By late afternoon, the front moved offshore and the sun proved it was still present. A good evening to make spaghetti.

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4 thoughts on “35. Oriental NC to Spooners Creek Marina (Moorhead City NC)”

  1. I enjoy your reports! We had gale force winds at the Lake Michigan shoreline yesterday. The wind and high lake levels resulted in flooding and beach erosion. Take care and I am looking forward to the next post.


    1. I saw yesterday on my waves and wind app that the Big Lake was going to have storm conditions and I saw some live video of the waves in Holland today. Not wanting to be out on those!


  2. It’s been a treat getting your frequent posts this week, always happy to see them pop up! Interesting how weather awareness is so important. Probably sounds silly – it’s not like you’re hiking in the middle of nowhere, of course, you’re in this huge gorgeous boat – but compared to those of us who, maybe, give a thought to taking an umbrella, you really need to be planning ahead and on top of things.


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