37. N. Myrtle Beach to Osprey Marina, Socastee SC

Beautiful travel day. Bright sunshine, light breeze and temps in the hi 60s/low 70s. Slow trip with much of it in no wake zones and at least 3 bridge openings. Also had to transit “The Rock Pile”, a 3 mile section of the ICW with many rock danger areas. Opinions seem to be split between running at high tide for max water depth or running at low tide so you can see many of the rocks. I ran at a mid rising tide. While the ICW isn’t that wide, there is a more constricted portion around a bend And oncoming traffic can’t be seen where it’s recommended to make a radio announcing that you are entering the Rock Pile and your direction and ask if there is any oncoming commercial traffic. Not the place to play dodge em with Both rock ledges and barges. Goal for the day was Osprey Marina where there was mail waiting. A three night stay waiting for mail order pharmacy to get their act together. How hard can it be to put the right state on a mail label? So Carolina and proper zip looks nothing like So Dakota and it’s proper zip. These are the folks that fill your rx’s! Always check your prescription bottles. Google your drug mfr for a pic of your pill or capsule and compare. Idiots abound in the workplace (and everywhere). Osprey is about 3-4 miles straight west of Ocean Lakes RV Resort, a mega Resort on the Atlantic and one where Sharon & I stayed many many times.

In my slip at Osprey. Not a lot of room in front to turn the boat around to back into the slip.

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