41. South from Charleston

With a relatively long day planned, I left the dock early, or at least early for me. It was an easy run but slow due to many shallow spots and continual course changes and switchbacks. It was also cold. It was after 1 pm before I ventured up to the flybridge and even then it required a good jacket.

I barely had time to take a nap upon arrival in Beaufort SC before it started to get dark. What a bummer! Maybe we need to reconsider moving the clocks back.

Nothing shakin going on in Beaufort so it was early to bed. Woke up Tuesday to rain and rain. Decided to head back below to continue my sleeping. Late afternoon it became pleasant but it was too late to leave and head to another port. Weds proved to be a dry day albeit chilly and completely grey. Saw a sliver of a sunset and that was as close to a nice day as it got. I kept wondering all day if the fog was going to descend but it didn’t.

Beautiful ? Hilton Head Island

First time since owning the boat that I spent zero time piloting from the flybridge. Even ran a couple hours with the generator on so that there was heat.

Was planning on stopping at Savannah but since it was not even 1 pm when I hit Savannah, I decided to just continue on. Found another marina about 20 miles further south at the southern end of Skidaway Island. The entrance to Delegal Creek and the marina was a bit counterintuitive. You could see it but the way to it was a bit convoluted. By phone, the marina assured us to follow the markers and not to pay attention to the charts. I did but watched the charts as they showed the boat going across dry land. A post or two ago I mentioned that NOAA basic charts are sometimes dated. The last charting showing that dry land was 1976!…And apparently the Corp of Engineers hasn’t surveyed since.

Anyway, following the markers was the trick. The marina is excellent! The dockhand was great. The area is a chichi area (wrong word since the pretentiousness isn’t there) and very typical Georgian Coastal. The marina was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew (2016) and has been totally rebuilt. The area reminds me of Jekyll Island, Hilton Head, or Amelia Is., FL.

The weather was starting to brighten when I headed to Publix.

Borrowed the golf cart and did the 6 mile round trip to Publix to ‘touch up’ the perishables before returning to the boat for leftover spaghetti. BTW, last night I made the spaghetti in the instant pot pressure cooker. All made together in one pot and under pressure for 8 minutes. Seemed strange to just layer uncooked spaghetti over the ground beef with sauce covering and no stirring. I think it was the best spaghetti – home cooked or restaurant. It was fabulous.

So I’m now back in GA and have traveled a little more than 2,250 miles since leaving the Sarasota area.

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