42. South to Brunswick, GA

Shoved off this morning on another dreary day. Enough already! Never saw the sun till mid afternoon. Went through a number of areas known for shallow, narrow shoaling water, most notably Hells Gate. My depth sounder has decided to quit so it showed 19.3’ of water the whole way while the chart plotter showed the entire width for 5 miles in a deep red color – extremely shallow. I traced, slowly, Bob423’s route and emerged from the south end unscathed. The run again today (Thurs) was over 7 hours and my longest single day distance yet. At ICW speeds and curves and switchbacks, that was a long day.

I’m sure most or all of you have heard about the “Golden Ray”. It was a car carrier that grounded and then capsized in the Brunswick GA harbor a month or so ago. It had 4,200 new cars in the hold. It is still there big as life. They are erecting, or going to erect, a steel wall/dam around it. Then they will pump the water out of the entire area. Once the ship is no longer ‘in the water’, they will cut the ship apart with torches and remove it section by section. Suggest you all beware of bargain basement priced Kias and Mercedes next year. Brunswick is the host of 40 overseas car carriers per month with some carrying 8,000 vehicles. The pic below does not do it justice.

Interesting, pretty vessel at the entrance to Brunswick Landing Marina.

Friday turned out to be lousy weather as well so I extended a day and spent some time getting chores done.

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2 thoughts on “42. South to Brunswick, GA”

  1. Hey Guys!! Thank you so much for staying with us at Brunswick Landing Marina! It means a lot to us that you trust us to take care of your boat. Too bad you left before o0ur Oyster Roast this weekend though. We are bringing in 400-lbs of Texas oysters (big ones!) and having a Customer Appreciation Oyster Roast and then a Thanksgiving feast a few days later.

    Come back and see us soon!


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