47. On the Road (ICW) Again

An early (ish) morning departure. Today, Monday, will be a complete ICW run with lots of bridges. In fact, the entire run from South of Jupiter through Miami will be bridge city with many requiring openings. The barrier islands along this route are highly developed with luxury homes and high rises and local government can’t get away with bridges every 20 or more miles so the bridges are frequent. Further, with that many bridges, the government budget can’t afford very many 65’ clearance high bridges so most are in the 14’ – 25’ clearance range and open on the 1/2 and 1 hour. I require 21.5’ clearance so there will be lots of bridge opening timing or waiting for the bridges to open.

Remember well the route from Jensen Beach south to Jupiter. Some 40-45 yrs ago I was down here with the 22’ Sea Ray and with Sharon and the girls we did that route as a day trip. It was quite the adventure for us then. The water color at the Jupiter Inlet is incredible and inspiring.

It was a fairly windy day and generally overcast and with the bridges, a nearly 6 hour transit ending with a nice slip at Riviera Beach Marina. I like their system. Made reservations while on the way (it’s busy down here) and they confirm the ressie with a text which includes a diagram of the marina and directional arrows to your assigned slip. Very helpful. The city has done a great job of developing their waterfront including a nice restaurant within a very easy stroll.

Cruise ship leaving from its next door slip to head out the Palm Beach/Lake Worth Inlet for a two night excursion to the Bahamas. This ‘off brand’ cruise line operates 2 ships out of this terminal with one outbound sailing everyday. Kind of fun watching them depart from so close by.

The wind really picked up straight out of the south all day Tuesday, so I elected to stay here another night. No need to be in a rush as I have 2 weeks to get to Marathon.

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3 thoughts on “47. On the Road (ICW) Again”

  1. Yay! Two posts, so fun to read, glad we didn’t have to wait til January! So this is a silly question but I’m clueless: what are all the dots on the side of the cruise ship? Portholes to cabins?

    Love your Sharon memories. And your pictures, as always, are excellent.


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