48. Long Travel Day

Went to my bunk last night thinking that I could probably sleep in. Today (Weds) was forecasted to be thunderstorms all day with winds of 10-20 mph out of the north. But I set my alarm for 7 am and later changed it to 7:30am so I could get up and have a “look see” before heading back down for more shuteye. Well, there were grey skies but no rain and no wind. Radar projections showed no rain in the 3 hr projection and so I left heading south towards Ft Lauderdale.

It turned out to be a long long day. The ICW here is truly a concrete canyon. Covered 41 nm today with 17 bridges. About half of those were low enough that it required opening and only one of thos was an ‘open on request”. The balance opened on a schedule such as on the hour and half hour or 15 and 45 minutes after the hour. Most, practically all, of the run is “no wake” with good sections of “idle speed”. Makes it hard to ‘time the bridges’ so there were numerous times of holding position in front of a bridge waiting for the witching hour. These bridges do no open even a minute early. So the 41nm took 7 hours.

It was not a great day for pictures – too gloomy. Nonetheless while waiting for a bridge, I did get a pic of Mar a Lago on the day our President was impeached😖.

I looked hard to see if the Donald or Melania were on the shore waving to have one of his first supporters come on over for lunch. No such luck.

I may be in trouble though. The above news report hit the Associated Press just 40 minutes ago! I didn’t do it! Thankfully later reports stated that a Chinese person (again) was arrested for attempted entry and so it appears I’m not under suspicion.

Some observations though. Along the entire 41 mile route I have never seen so many Trump 2020 flags – many huge. Apparently there are a lot of folks who like this economy and want it to continue. Another observation – this is a rich country. Literally 1000’s of multi million $ homes and most appear to be second (or more) homes (not yet opened up for the season). I wonder how many billions or maybe trillions of residential real estate I passed today. And the there are the yachts – what can I say?

Had to have my bow anchor come within 5’ of the side of this beauty as I backed into my slip tonight as the fairway between this yacht and the piling at the head of my slip is only about 55’. 150’ boat available for charter to you and a dozen or so of your friends for a holiday party.

Thursday also was a FL east coast balmy, blustery and mostly rainy day. Under a gale warning all day though I don’t think the winds ever reached that velocity. Predictions for the next week indicate lower rain possibilities but continuing strong winds. Will have to figure something out as this slip is spoken for Friday afternoon and on.

Walked across a block, across A1A, Thursday evening for dinner at Bubba Gump. Disappointing both as to menu selection (I was looking for more shrimp dishes) and food prep. I settled on the Lt Dan platter of baby backs and skewered shrimp. Ribs were fine but the shrimp were split/butterflied with the shells still on and overdone. The flesh was like rubber and it was actually not possible to peel the shell off. You needed to gnaw it like corn on the cob. Gary Sinese, you need to reclaim your stage name. Bubba Gump, you are a shrimp place ~ learn how to prepare your signature dishes! On the other hand, BGump is located on the beach and though dark, the lights and crashing surf made for a pleasant evening.

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