50. Happy New Year! 2020!

New Yers Eve Day brought a new (almost) experience.

Some 40-45 yrs ago I thought nothing of heading out on our 30’ sport fisher onto rough Lake Mich in 5’ and greater waves. I remember wavesbreaking on the foredeck and washing up and over the flybridge and even, once, washing the chairs in the rear cockpit right out of the boat (crossing the Grand Traverse Bay from Charlevoix to Northport). Or in that same time frame, heading out of the fairly treacherous St Lucie Channel in Stuart, FL miles out into the Atlantic to fish In a 22’ SeaRay (also had break over the boat).

Years have passed and with them, bravado. The big waters now make me nervous. So today, for the first time in decades and For the first time with Last Resort I ventured into the Atlantic. I came close north of Jekyll Island a couple of months ago when I crossed St Andrews Sound and probably came within a 10th of a mile from exiting the Sound and entering the ocean. If you read my last post I’ve been watching for a weather window to run from Miami to Key Largo and on to my winter destination, Marathon Fl. The inside route via the ICW is a shallow shallow slow route. Reports are in some areas that there are so many crab pots that you can almost walk on water. The outside, ocean, route adds maybe 10 miles or so but is in deeper water, no crab pots and double or more speed.

As reported in my prior post, I planned on leaving yesterday (Mon) but cancelled when I saw how much better of a travel day today and tomorrow would be. It was worth the extra days wait. After a brief light early morning fog, the grey skies turned a cloudless blue. Humidity dropped significantly, temps were in the mid to upper 70s and winds diminished to about 7mph. And so, after waiting for a foot of incoming tide to raise the boat off the bottom, I left Pelican Harbor Marina, my home for the past 8 days, headed for the police dock to the house with the green awning and into the main channel. Five bridges later, two of which required an opening (40 min of total wait) I entered Government Cut towards the Ocean. Govt Cut is the channel for all the cruise ships out of Miami but none were in port today. Out of Govt Cut I entered the ocean for the first time this trip and in decades.

The waves for the entire leg were 1’ and less. For the most part I ran between 3 to 5 miles offshore. Not that much to see but a much speedier trip than I’m used to.

Miami skyline
Miles and miles of this view
Pilot House Marina anchored by the Pilot House Restaurant.
Early NYE dinner marina side. Bowl of crab bisque and platter of steamed shrimp! Mmmm!
view of Last Resort from my dinner table as evening falls.
Nighttime view of the restaurant from the boat cockpit
And it wouldn’t be NYEve without some fireworks

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One thought on “50. Happy New Year! 2020!”

  1. BRAVO!!!! Nice run on the outside! Rewarded by a seafood dinner in the keys! Who can complain about any of that! Happy New Year to you and the crew!


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