52. Marina Pictures

Here are some pics I took of the marina where I’m staying. There are also a couple of stock photos

Photo of the Resort taken from 2nd story balcony of the clubhouse. Inner marina basin is just visible at the far end of the pool. Phone call to the concierge brings golf cart transportation to or from the slip to the pool or clubhouse though it really is a pleasant walk. Building at the far end right of the pool is the tiki bar. Ringing the pool are 3 story, 3 and 4 bedroom single family elevator residences which are rented out. It’s a resort hotel but with villas rather than a single building with suites. 2 large grill area with seating and tables available at each marina basin.
Marina is only about half full right now. Am told by mid month and on, it is full. Mix is some monthly, weekly and daily. It is only since December that they were allowed by FL to accept ‘liveaboards’ for more than 10 days out of 30. They are now allowed to have liveaboards for up to 90 days. Suspect that most of the resort homes in the resort are daily and weekly rentals.
Looking thru the tiki bar towards the pool
Pool patio next to tiki area looking towards the marina basin. One of the rental villas visible on the left.
Hot tub and pool with clubhouse in the background
Clubhouse seating area
Clubhouse second floor. Also located on the 2nd floor is their fitness center, sauna and steam room.
Breakfast bar and skee ball
Another first floor seating area
Outside seating area at clubhouse

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