53. Keys Photos I

Keys Fishery. Commercial fishing marina. Retail fish/shrimp/crab etc sales. Also a second floor Tiki bar/restaurant with a stone crab claw bar. $3. /claw. Great water views. Complimentary sunset toast. Mmmm!
And a beautiful walk back on the docks after dinner.

Water heater stopped working. Went down below and photo’d make & model and googled the manual. Followed the troubleshooting protocol and fixed it. The electric water heater is assisted, if the port engine is running, by a heat exchanger running hot engine water thru the water heater coils. That part of the system is closed and, I think, was low on antifreeze fluid when I headed here from Key Largo resulting in an internal tripped circuit breaker. Ten minute fix and all is well.

Not a 10 minute fix however is the clothes dryer which stopped working Monday. I think the belt on the drum broke. The dryer is a tight fit inside a cabinet above the washer. I won’t have the strength etc to remove it either to fix or replace so I have a repair person coming. Since the cabinet is furniture quality, I did the disassembly of all the face trim and of the disappearing accordion sliding doors. Not being mechanical etc., I was amazed at the design and build intricacies of the cabinetry. A jigsaw puzzle made to be taken apart. It needs removal for access and I don’t want some appliance repair person using a screwdriver and hammer to pry things apart. The repairman, unfortunately, ruptured his appendix and was EMS’d to Miami. Hopefully it’ll be fixed early next week and even more hopefully, I’ll remember how it all thet trim goes back together😄.

Today, Friday 1/10/20, I had lunch with a couple of boaters who started cruising at about the same time I did. I first met them 4-5 weeks ago at the Bill Bird Marina in Miami. That’s the marina about which I wrote unfavorably – nice facility but horrid or maybe I should say non existent management. When I tried to dock there in very high winds there were no dockhands. I didn’t pay that much attention at the time, being busy to not be blown into the neighboring boat and trying to avoid fouling my props with marina lines floating in the water, but there was a fellow boater on the dock trying to catch our lines to no avail. Later in that day or the next, the female side stopped at the boat and visited a while. Turned out they were heading to the Keys as well.

They headed out of Miami somewhat weeks before I did but messaged me a few times via NEBO about their route and progress. NEBO is the tracking program I use to keep visual track of my journey, it’s individual legs and statistics. It’s the program that provides the maps that I use for most of my posts. NEBO also shows the current locations and status of boats that are subscribed to it and it has a feature wherein you can message back and forth between boats – a handy feature to ask a fellow boater who is a day or so ahead how they got through a shallow area or what an upcoming Marina is like.

So anyway they also ended up in Marathon for two weeks in a marina about a mile or so away and today we got together for lunch. For someone like me, not too social, I enjoyed it and had a little opportunity to practice my social skills. Turns out that prior to buying their boat a year ago, they also spent a lot of time RVing. They do live in the Southern CA area. They had been planning to leave today for Key West for a couple of weeks but the high winds we’ve been having caused them to extend a day or two. They’ve been enjoying Marathon so much that when they’re done in KW, they are heading back to Marathon and have booked a week or maybe two at the same marina I’m at.

It has been very windy and that is predicted to be the case for the next week. Steady winds of 20-25 mph out of the east and constant small craft warnings. I’ve started the process of taking care of my eyes/cataracts and hope I can have both done while I’m here. Also will see a doctor next week. My prescriptions have run out and the prescribing doctor, hundreds and hundreds of miles away, won’t renew unless he has another billing opportunity/sees me. So the concierge here at the resort is getting me a appt next week and I can get a full set of new prescriptions.

Finally got up to the second floor of the clubhouse. This is the sauna room
and steam room
and treadmills, climbing machines and exercise bike
And other exercise equipment which looks like it could hurt you..
My exercise though consisted of climbing the three story circular staircase for this view of the outer marina basin. Won’t do that again. Think it took me 20 minutes to get back down. With age comes an inordinate fear of falling and breaking a hip. Last Resort is next to the blue hulled cruiser.
To celebrate getting back down without injury, it was dinner at Porkies, an open air type restaurant complete with Jimmy Buffett type live music. Nice!
But before everything looks like fun, there’s always grocery shopping, losing it onto a dock cart and walking it out to the boat etc.
Visitor at the pool

Today 3 more boats arrived at the marina one of which is another looper boat. There are now 8 Americas Great Loop boats in the marina, far more than I’ve seen in one marina at once so far. Temp is back up to 80+ and wind today was below 12 mph – a marked improvement.

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3 thoughts on “53. Keys Photos I”

  1. Life is so much better when you have friends.
    Good to hear your are getting out and socializing.
    What the heck has gotten into you.


    1. Hey, I talked to you at POI and went to Frank’s lounge a number of times and tried to socialize with the rest of the neighborhood both at one of their potlucks and in Court. Whaddya want? 😎


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