You may have read or heard about the 7.7 magnitude earthquake south of Cuba/north of Jamaica last week. I’ve experienced one once before in N VA when Sharon was in an inpatient physical rehab facility. The building shook and after my mind did a few seconds processing, I knew what was happening.

Not quite so much on a boat. I was sitting in the boat salon that afternoon. Glass like a mirror. All of a sudden the boat starts rocking side to side which is really pretty rare. It rocked three times and stopped. I got up to see what boat in or near the marina was throwing a wake. Not a boat moving in any direction and the water was still or again glassy. It wasn’t until a bit later when I heard about the earthquake via a text from one of this blog’s readers that I realized what had happened and it was confirmed to me, in my mind, when I later heard of buildings rocking and even evacuated in Miami. At least there are no cracks or leaks in the spa and swimming pool here😂.

Last Thursday I went by car to Miami for laser cataract surgery and a simultaneous MIG procedure on my left eye. A week later the same will be done on the right eye. The MIG is a stent implant designed to reduce eye pressure or at a minimum keeping it from going higher. I don’t have a lot of expectation for the left eye due to previous retina problem but we’ll see😆. The procedures themselves took about 10 minutes though with travel etc it blew through 10 hrs. I had a follow up appt Friday with the local referring Doc and she though all looked very good. It is a fact that already I do see better, though not great, with the left eye and the left eye sees more color. I can distinguish a semi truck from a bicycle now😂.

But enough about fixing me. Before heading to the Bahamas mid March there’s a lot of scheduled maintenance to be done and as reported in the last blog we put together a list. Based on the list of what needs doing we put together a list of all the parts needed and I ordered them from Seaboard Marine in California – a major Cummins parts supplier. Some $2,200 in parts should arrive next Weds. Due to surgery and upcoming surgery I will be out of the equation for repairs. As it was I wasn’t strong enough from the bent over position in the engine room to break loose a nut that holds a zinc in the engine block.

I was impressed with the guy who fixed my dryer a week or so ago. 40ish- not old like me, shorter (helpful in the tight engine room), agile and seems to be knowledgeable. He has a boat about the same size, lives on it and does his own work. So I had him come over to review the scope of the work and he and my crew will get it done🙂. I just got a message from another boater that I met in Baltimore who is in another marina in Marathon stating that they heard I was going to use this guy (how did they hear?) and that they use him and that I will be pleased. 🤞

One of the things I’d like to do is replace the 9 white LED lights in the flybridge hardtop with blue one. So I’ve replaced one of the nine today to see how it will look. I think nine of the wattage I’ve tried will be a little much but if I get lower wattage bulbs, it should make for a soft glow?

Today (Monday 2/3) was a very very low humidIty day. Not sure if it’s the low humidity or my 1./2 completed cataract surgery, but the horizon appeared particularly sharp today. Very 😎 relaxing.

My new friends on Knot Ready left this morning (as did a number of other boats. Knot Ready is heading to my old stomping grounds, Everglades City, for a birthday airboat ride before heading towards Ft Myers/Tampa area where the boat will be berthed or put on the hard while the owners head back home to Los Angeles for awhile. Their slip didn’t stay empty long before a sailboat arrived

This pic is taken for my relatives. When out on the foredeck this afternoon, I noticed this new arrival across the basin. I couldn’t believe it so I had to walk over. The hailing port is ‘“PELLA, IOWA” which is basically the stomping grounds of my mother and her whole side of the family. The folks aboard said that although not Dutch, they do add a “Van” in front of their last name at Tulip Time.

Coincidentally, this morning a shared a memory on Facebook of a picture I took of Sharon in 2004 while RVing through Pella

She loved our 14 yrs of full time RV traveling and I’m sure she would have also loved living and cruising on the boat.

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