Completion of the engine maintenance is on hold for a few days. Apparently there are two types of configurations for the connection between the engines and heat exchangers and the supplier of custom hoses sent hoses for the “other” configuration. What was sent was a large diameter formed hose. My configuration has a metal portion between the two so two shorter hoses are needed and of course an additional set of marine stainless clamps. So the correct hoses and clamps are being sent from CA and I’m returning the incorrect ones. The new ones should arrive Monday. So reinstallation of the heat exchangers is on hold as is adding all the new fresh coolant. Paint touch up continues.

Heat exchangers waiting to be reinstalled; gallons of coolant waiting for all the hoses and fittings to be completed

I’ve written previously that I wanted to tone down the night lighting on the flybridge hardtop. After some missteps, I finally found properly sized blue LEDs for the nine existing fixtures. I needed to enlarge the bulb hole in the reflector but I think the final result looks good.

I’ve now had another post op appointment on my eyes. Pressures seem to have steadied at around 14 vs low 20s pre-surgery so that should bode well. Restrictions have been lifted so I can swim, lift more than 5 pounds etc. My 3 additional types of eye drops are down to one and in two weeks I can discontinue that one and be back to my normal 3 types.

Went back to the Dockside for a supper. Dockside is at a nearby marina and is a tent type operation serving a burger type menu. Had a home made chicken pot pie and it was great. I’ve written about the place a couple of posts ago. It also features live music, mostly country 60s, with good musicians and the place draws a big crowd. I just wish I could get better sound than with an iPhone at a distance. Oh well.

Taken from the cockpit, a commercial boater comes to port after a day tending to crab🦀 and lobsters🦞 pots
Another day comes to a close.

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