61. KEYS IX (Final Days)

In keeping with my prior post and commemorating the last couple of weeks here in Marathon, I’ve dusted off the iPhone to take more memory pics.

My wonderful view everyday as I look, from my back deck, to the north. Boats from all over the US and from several countries. Hard to remember that when I arrived on Jan 1st I think there were only 4 boats in the basin and it remained quite empty till close to the end of Jan. Since then, it has been and remained full with only an occasional empty slip because weather or other circumstances delayed an arrival.
No, I’m not holding the flag taut. As the waves and flag indicate, there’s a stiff north wind. A cold day actually when the temp never exceeded 70.
Three minutes later than the above picture and the sky has changed. So pretty and relaxing.


Last steaks at the marina
…and pizza
…and crab stuffed yellow snapper
Another beautiful sunset. A tradition apparently in the Keys is a salute to the sunset. As the sun ‘touches’ the water, boat horns in the various marinas sound off in a sunset cacophony.

Flowers aren’t bad either
View from Key West International Airport out to the Florida Straits
Shrimper off shore of the airport

Tuesday 3/10/20. The crew’s Jeep, which has been here in Marathon for the past 2.5 months, has now been brought north and put into safe storage. It has been invaluable having it available for grocery, shopping and restaurant runs, doctor and surgery runs here in Marathon and Miami (5 trips to Miami), and 5 runs between Marathon and Key West. Marlin Bay Resort and Marina (www.marlinbay.com) has been most accommodating. They have little onsite parking for the marina with the few boaters who have cars parking on the street. Marlin Bay reserved an onsite, within the gates, site for the exclusive use of the Jeep.

Their concierge, Barbara and staff, dockmaster Jose and staff and head of maintenance, Buffalo, have been super accommodating – actually pampering. At slip pump outs were always done within an hour of requesting. Local questions etc received good responses and recommendations including physicians. Every evening the mail was delivered to the slip along with pleasant conversation. Was told that Last Resort was, hands down, the biggest recipient of Amazon and other packages (including big and small boat oriented packages like 40# of hoses and clamps, gallons of oil, 17 gal of coolant, filters, dryer belt etc.) Marlin Bay is a truly enjoyable first class resort for boaters and for land visitors. If you ever have family or friend get togethers and want to stay together, consider Marlin Bay. Their single family style overnight or weekly rentals with 3 or 4 bedroom/en-suites might be ideal. No shortage of great sun and swimming out the door and lots of nearby exploring, diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, head boat fishing, boat or jet ski rentals nearby. Dolphin hospital and a turtle hospitals are nearby. Restaurants of every type and easy day jaunts to Key West if you want crowds.

On my boat side, the engines are all put back together, fluids all fresh, new filters, all new hoses and clamps (and there are a lot of them). The engine and engine room paint is touched up, the bilges degreased, scrubbed and rinsed, and new white fresh oil/diesel absorbent mats laid down under the engines, shafts and transmissions. Strainers have all been pulled and cleaned. All spare parts and pieces below deck are organized into labeled plastic containers. Water tanks filled and holding tanks emptied. Thanking my crew.

Have my quarantine flag aboard in case COVID 19 should blow off shore.😇. At least two weeks or more of groceries, soda, bottled water, meat, TP, hand sanitizer and more are stowed away. RXs all filled for 3 months. No problem shopping here but as one travels, stores are limited to those within walking distance of the marinas and, according to some news, even some services such as Instacart and Uber etc might be limited in availability.

Ran the engines this morning to bring them up to operating temps; checked for leaks (tightened one hose clamp); and operated the transmissions (while tied in the slip). Turned on and checked all the electronics. Updated all the electronic charts. After a week of high winds, they are getting lighter today and departure day, tomorrow, promises to be a bright warm sunny day with winds 10-12 ENE. First stop will be about a 1/4 mile away to fuel up at Keys Fishery (should be between 300-350 gal) and then maybe 10 miles to Moser Cut/Channel under 7 Mile Bridge and on into the open ocean headed towards Miami and then the Chesapeake, some thousand plus miles away where the boat will be put up for sale.

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2 thoughts on “61. KEYS IX (Final Days)”

  1. What an enjoyable time this has been following the adventures of you and your crew. Interesting writing, love the logistics and stories. Feels a little bittersweet.

    Happy to know you’ll be continuing with the RV blog!


    1. Not done with this yet. Final days referred to being in the Keys. Gotta get the boat north yet to sell and then it’ll have to sell which will take time, especially now with COVID-19

      Thanx for reading

      Sent from my iPad



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