65. Key Largo to Fort Lauderdale

Made good progress today (61 nautical miles). Boat ran like a top (for those younger than me that means it ran fantastic). The breeze of yesterday stayed constant overnight and waves in the ocean were building so decided to continue running the inside route. Have not done this part of the route before. 6-7 miles into the run depths increased to the point of pretty much always having 3-4’ under the keel. By the time I got into Biscayne Bay depths generally increased to 6-12’ under the keel and crab pots disappeared. Was able to make good speed all the way to the Government Cut in S. Miami which is where I went offshore three months ago heading southbound.

It was a bit eerie. Passing thru Miami there are many places where you are close to the edges of the ditch (ICW) and there were virtually no people walking the waterfront sidewalks. Passing some of the waterfront hotels, saw some common areas such as pools, ‘barricaded’ with yellow tape. OTOH, passing other less ritzy appearing hotels, the pools and pool decks were jammed with kids- spring breakers who don’t have a sense of responsibility? Passing to the east of the Miami airport, I was struck with the lack of arriving/departing planes though there was plenty of such activity in Ft Lauderdale. Both the Port of Miami and Port Everglades (Ft Lauderdale), major cruise ports, were filled with floating petri dishes, a/k/a cruise ships. One item of possible concern were postings on various boating forums that I frequent of marinas that are closing down for both slips and fuel. Not a lot of them but hoping it’s not the beginning of a trend. Cruising on the boat is a pretty good example of social distancing. Some of those closing are governmental marinas like the Fort Pierce Municipal Marina. Presuming counties or cities are making decisions to close govt operated facilities (schools, city centers etc) and unable to differentiate, they close the marinas as well. Wait till they shut down their other modes of transportation (subways, planes, buses, barricaded roads and interstates) and see how that goes over.

Today’s scenes

Miami skyline comes into view on Biscayne Bay. To the right is the bridge to the Port of Miami followed behind by the MacArther Causeway (A1A) to ritzy Key Biscayne. Cruise ships stacked up are visible beyond the bridge.
Ultimate in social distancing
See all the people?

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