67. Back to Very Familiar Territory

Again a pretty strong wind out of the East today so no running on the outside. At this point though the FL ICW isn’t too bad. There were probably 15 bridges today but only one required opening. The rest could be passed without waiting – just a brief slowdown as bridges are always “no wake’ zones. It was a nice sunny day with many sections of the ICW where I could just set the auto pilot and sit. There is less concentration of housing at this point but what there is is very nice to look at. Left before 9 am and ended at 4:30 pm including a half hour wait at the fuel dock for boats ahead of me. Took on 409 gallons of diesel. The Middle East oil war with Russia is paying dividends. Fuel was down to $2.15/gal. There was one fuel dock in Ft Lauderdale that was down to $1.89 for diesel but I didn’t want to make a separate special stop.

Have traveled 150 miles so far since leaving Marathon and just passed ICW S M 970 so there’s 970 more miles to Norfolk (S M 00). The intention is to go some distance north of Norfolk In the Chesapeake to find a location for marketing the boat this summer.

Jupiter lighthouse
Jensen Beach

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