70. Quarantine

Looking back, it was about a month ago in Ft Lauderdale that I had ‘outside’ food and that was takeout supper brought back to the boat to eat. Prior to that was another takeout on March 19 from a COVID19 shuttered restaurant in Key Largo, also taken back to the boat to eat. The last actual restaurant experience was in Marathon before March 1. It has been incredibly quiet waiting out the stay at home order in the marina for the past 5+ weeks. Big benefit – stayed healthy.

Over the past week have made two trips with my crew. Rented a car and did a round trip single day trip to Miami to pick up crew’s car from storage. I95 and the FL Turnpike were pretty empty but still a long day. Stopped at an ARBYS drive through for some food. Not exciting.

Two days later took crew’s car to Tampa to pick up crew’s motorhome and bring it back. Another drive through. Ugh. All done in preparation of the crew moving off from the boat prior to putting the boat up for sale with a boat broker

So this past Weds was a little bit of a treat. Went to a nearby barbecue joint for supper. Wait outside standing on the sidewalk X’s until your turn, one at a time, to go in to order and pay. Then back outside and wait for your name to be called. Pickup is on the patio/porch entry on the side of the building. Big deal you say. Well it was. The restaurant is immediately next door to a large waterfront closed county park with lots of really well spaced out picnic tables. Buying dinner and not having to eat it in a car or boat! Felt really good!

Restaurant social distancing table seating!
My waterfront table

My broker to be was able to get me a slip in my preferred marina. They’ve been full and not taking boats for over a month. I had had a slip reserved at a not as nice boat yard. This one has amenities that might help set the mood for selling the lifestyle. Also has the practical amenity of good floating docks which makes ingress and egress on to the boat really easy. The boat makes the one day trip next Monday.

That leaves me with a project. I have to find a home. One of the brands of used motorhomes I’m interested in had one for sale about 120 miles away. Also saw it this past week but not for me. There is another one in Phoenix and 2 in Las Vegas. I checked the engine serial numbers with Caterpillar and the Phoenix one had a serious engine issue (severe overheating) about 140 miles ago (probably why for sale) and CAT tech said ‘don’t go there’. The 2 in Vegas checked out fine. Last thing I want to do is don a mask for a whole day, climb on a plane and fly cross country only to find the coach doesn’t live up to the photoshopped pics or have other issues.

I’ve made some shopping preference adjustments and have found what seem to be really nice units of another brand – 3 within 150 miles. All three of these are Cummins and I checked the engine SNs with Cummins. One had an engine speed sensor issue some years ago but that’s not a big deal. One had a warranty repair of a rocker housing gasket and rocker pin but nothing in the several years since. Saw the first today and it actually would be acceptable. The cabinetry is too dark for my taste but acceptable. A bit warm and uncomfortable digging around a coach for hours in a mask and gloves.

Hoping to be able to see another one Saturday which based on pics, color etc is probably a better fit. Cummins reported zero engine issues with it. It’s only about 100 miles away. Fingers crossed!

Once I have the home and know if there is towing equipment on it or not, it’ll then be time to get a tow behind car (toad) followed by moving all my stuff off the boat and getting the boat detailed in and out. If you’re looking for a fine vessel and want to buy commission free, give me a holler – quickly😎🤪😃

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