71. My last voyage on Last Resort

An absolutely beautiful day for a swan song. Bright sunshine, nice breeze, temps in the 70’s and a boat ride!

I turned the map part of the program for awhile to conserve iPad battery and so have filled in the gaps with a drawing tool.

It was a long and tiring day. After 5 weeks sitting still, safe distancing at Marineland Municipal Marina, I had kind of forgotten how long the travel days can be and how tiring. Planned on an 8 am starting time but getting the boat ready to travel took a bit longer than usual. It was a 7.5 hr travel day covering 69 miles. Got a slip for showing the boat for sale on the C dock T Head (the cross dock at the end of the CDock). The Ortega River is fairly lightly used so it should not be rolly from passing boats. The marina is anticipating a regular slip availability and will 16.1move the boat to it when vacated.

I started this actual travel adventure April 1, 2019 and so I’ve been a traveling live aboard for 13 months and 4 days. Many times I spent multiple days in one port. What quickly comes to mind is a month in Baltimore, 3 months in the Keys and 5 weeks “safe distancing” in Marineland. Actual travel days were 70. Distance traveled by boat was 3,210 nautical miles or 3,694 statute miles. Average distance per travel day was 52.7 statute miles. Longest single travel day was 92 statute miles and there were two days during which the distance traveled was only 16.1 statute miles per day.

Some parting photos for Last Resort

First bridge of the day. I had a foot of excess clearance and so did not require an opening. Went under 27 bridges today and only the last one, 1/4 mile from Ortega Landing, required an opening as it has less than a 9’ height from water to bridge bottom.
St Augustine waterfront
St Augustine’s Bridge of Lions

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8 thoughts on “71. My last voyage on Last Resort”

  1. Uncle Allen,
    It’s kind of sad to realize this is over. I have greatly enjoyed following your travels and reading your running commentary. Kind of an extended Kiwanis travelogue.
    Best wishes on your future adventures. Hopefully you will keep us up to date on whatever is going on in your world.
    All the best,
    Nephew Geoff


    1. Thanx. I thought it might be sad too but not so. I am happy to have been able to do this adventure. I’m thrilled that Deb was willing to give me what is now more than a year of her life to do it. There is absolutely no way I could physically done this alone.

      When I bought the boat I never personally had ever gone into the engine room – I couldn’t hunch down that much to be comfortable. Back then, the marinas sold seats for $2 so people could watch that old man try to get from dock to boat or back. That has changed – not the old part.

      Not sure how long it’ll take to find the right MH – hope within a week or two – and start traveling the open roads again. I will do something like this blog then as well. I tried it previously using FB but some don’t use FB and more to the point, I’m not sure postings on FB always go to everyone who would ask where I was or what was going on when there had been a stream of postings. My FB page is not public and that meant a decision to open up my number of “friends”. So the blog has worked well. My intent was to have it put into a coffee table book when I was done but now I don’t see the need. The adventure and images are stored in my brain, I don’t drink coffee and hence no such table and who can find me anyway?


  2. Cheers to You ! Well done! You have experienced the thrills, trials and tribulations of yachting life to the fullest! Welcome ashore mate!


  3. Bittersweet I’m sure, but…. what an adventure! Bucket list check! Congratulations. So happy you were able to accomplish this fete 🥳.


  4. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your journey! I have a new understanding of life on the water.
    Thanks for letting me ride along and not putting me to work, ha ha 🙂
    I can’t wait to read where the open road takes you.
    Take care,


    1. Thanx Linda! I am very thrilled actually that Sharon’s friends have enough interest to follow me. Makes me feel somehow as ‘still connected’ and I tell her when I hear from you guys.

      Now that the decision was made and is now being implemented, I’m stoked to shut the door on this phase and get started on the next. Rented a car tonight and Weds and Thurs have a road trip set up to go look at some ‘new home’ on wheels candidates.


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