73. One If By Land, Two…

So I’m a landlubber again. It’s been nearly a month since I last posted and a lot has happened. I’ve closed on and taken possession of the AllegroBus motorhome. Daughter Deb left on her motorhome for parts north – she needs to keep a doctors appt. I moved the MH from Tampa to Jax and took the campsite Deb vacated the day prior.

And then I started packing my stuff on the boat and began the many trips, over days, from the marina to the campground. Pack up 4 tubs of stuff, unload off boat onto a dock cart, pull/push dock cart down the docks to the parking lot and load tubs into Jeep, drive Jeep to campground, unload and then put stuff away on the MH, drive back to marina, find an empty dock cart and take it to the boat. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Did I say that each day was hotter and more humid than the prior? On my second to last load, I collapsed hauling the dock cart from the boat to the car. Cart overturned, my belongings all over the dock with some apparently sunk. Some people came to my aid and put me in my car. Then they reloaded my stuff and hauled it to the car and loaded it for me. I was driven to the campground where they unloaded the stuff onto the MH. I drank a lot of fluids with some hydration pills mixed in. I felt horrible and had some breathing issues for days. I pretty much stayed in bed for 5 days starting to feel incrementally better the last 1.5 days. I knew I was feeling better when I finally felt like going out for dinner – though I probably shouldn’t have gone.

Finally back in business, I resumed packing, loading and moving and finished the job. I was officially off the boat moved back on terra firma. I spent a couple of days aboard cleaning up. I met and made arrangements with a recommended Captain. He and his wife will do a deep clean of the boat in and out. He has 5 other boats in the marina ‘in his care’. He’ll clean the sea strainers (needed frequently in the nutrient rich warm waters). He’ll also turn on the AC etc the day before any showing. We went over the idiosyncrasies of the boat. When a sea trial is required for a buyer, he’ll run the boat since I won’t be around. He’ll also take it out the day prior to sea trial to make sure all is running well for the next day. In the event of storm watches/warnings etc. he, in conjunction with the marina staff, will put out the rest of the fenders and double, or more, tie more lines.

I also spent the past week learning more about the motorhome. There’s nearly as many switches as there were on the boat and you don’t want to be trying to find one while going 65mph. Today I moved the motorhome about 30 miles north to a regular RV park. The one I had been at did not have a dump station for grey and black water and this park is full hookup. I’ll be able to test dumping here as well as the washing machine. I’ve found a problem with the entry step which has stopped going in and out so I’ll troubleshoot that as well. I also added to my checklist to be sure the parking brake is off the Jeep before I tow it. Old habit is to start a tow with a slight turn to the right and then the left so I can see the car in the mirrors as well as the camera. I noted in my mirrors that the rear wheels of the Jeep were locked up on the gravel parking lot. I figured I had done something wrong setting the vehicle transmission for towing (only my second time) and it only took me 10 min to figure out I had accidentally engaged the parking brake. Too many things to learn all at once!

In a couple of days, I should be ‘on the road again’.

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