74. Leaving Florida

June 12, 2020

I arrived in FL around mid-November 2019 heading southbound by boat and today I finally put FL in the rear view mirror of my motorhome and heading north. Along the way had a wonderful 2.5 month stay in the Keys and a 5 week Covid19 stay in Marineland. I watched my crew say goodby (temporarily I hope) as she resumed her full time lifestyle in her motorhome. I bought a car and a motorhome, moved off the newly for sale boat and onto my motorhome and said ‘sayanara’ to FL, for now.

This is going to take some getting used to – 128 miles in under 2.5 hours driving time using probably 15 gal of diesel. By boat that would have been 2 full days of 6-7 hours each and burning a total of 110 gal of diesel.

The rear drivers side of the motorhome is sagging a bit so I stopped at Freightliner of Savannah where they diagnosed a faulty air height leveling valve. They need to order the part to be installed on Monday so I needed to stay in the area over the weekend.

It was late and I couldn’t find a campground opening for the weekend so I accepted Cracker Barrel’s invitation to the camping public to stay overnight on their parking lot. It was a very secure and quiet spot shared by 3 motorhomes. The downside is the narrowness of the parking slots means you don’t extend your slide outs. The upside is price. $0.00 —- vs $100-$125/nite or more for a marina slip.

Saturday I called around a bit more and found a nice campground about 10 miles away. Full hookups, level site with concrete patio, pool, lake etc with availability for Sat and Sunday night. So the slides are out, the AC is running on park power vs generator and I’m comfortable. It’s a fairly short drive by car from the campground to Beaufort SC. Town looks different (not better) arriving by car than by boat.

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