76. NC and Beyond

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Took leave of South of the Border Campground mid morning and after a 1/4 mile crossed over into North Carolina. It was a dismal day with frequent showers and nearly constant drizzle. And it was cold. It didn’t even get to 70 degrees today. The only thing of interest was just south of the VA border. Cruising along at about 67mph when there was a sudden major jolt and push to the side of the road. No bow waves from a passing truck. As suddenly as it appeared, it stopped. I figure it must have been a severe micro burst. Then on the news this evening the weatherman reported a verified small cold weather tornado this afternoon in that area and about that time. Who’d a thunk it?

I was going to stay the night at the Cracker Barrel in Emporia VA but I wasn’t tired so I left and headed to a CB about 50 miles further north – off I295 east of Richmond. Means a shorter run tomorrow to Bull Run Park Campground a few miles from daughter Vicki’s house. 😇😄

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Well that was a mistake! I said it ‘means a shorter run tomorrow’. In miles that was true. In time, not so much. Since it was going to be a short day, I stopped at a Blue Beacon. For those of you who don’t frequent truck stops, Blue Beacon is a nationwide truck wash. Having driven thru days of drizzle and rain the rig was really dirty and today was a nice sunny day. The rig needed to be washed and there was only one truck ahead of me (plus the one in the bay). After being attacked by 4 guys with pressure washers and then completely rinsed with RainX, the MH and car came out shiny and ready for the day.

It was but 10 miles or so back on the road and the traffic came to a standstill on I95. Stop and start, mostly stop, for 5 miles and nearly an hour. By the time I got to “the spot”, whatever happened was cleared and I never got to see what caused the delay.

Social distancing on I95

Nearing DC, it was again slow going cross country to Bull Run Regional Park and Campground. Have been here many times. The park is huge and contains in one corner 150 wooded campsites many of which are full hookup. The campground is 2 miles from the park entry. I tried to get a site thru their reservation vendor, Reserve America. What a disaster. No availability and the campground just opened up from COVID19 2days ago. So I called the on site office for the campground and they got me a full hookup site for 5 nites. Arriving here, I’d guess about 20% of the sites are occupied though I’m sure it will get busier at the weekend.

I went to Jon and daughter Vicki’s for supper. It was also my youngest grandson’s, Charlie, 22nd birthday. He came home from Univ of Oklahoma for spring break and due to COVID19 hasn’t been back. Unfortunately he only packed for a short spring break. Granddaughter Juliana was also there having not returned to Univ of VA from spring break. She, at least, was close enough to be able to drive back and pack up more clothes. Jon has not been overseas since early Jan and has been working from home. Vicki has had plenty of company at home while recuperating from cervical surgery.

Birthday boy, who elected to have homemade hand squeezed lemon bars instead of cake, listens to the happy birthday song
sung by sister Juliana and mom & dad.

Friday June 19, 2020

Sunny morning and did a badly needed grocery shopping. Afternoon – monsoon time. So much water!!! Flood warnings issued. Campground roads had 4-5” standing water. Motorhome did NOT float away. 😅😅😅😅

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2 thoughts on “76. NC and Beyond”

  1. Are you near exit 95 off 95 in NC! There’s a wonderful Mexican restaurant at that exit, just before Cracker Barrel.
    There’s a big outlet shopping mall very nearby there. Sorry, don’t know the name of it.


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