80. Lesson Learned

Friday July 10, 2020

I reported yesterday that I extended my stay because of thunderstorms etc when I woke up. Then after extending, the rains let up followed by a clearing sky. By mid to late morning it became a beautiful day. So last night thunder boomers and torrential rains woke me a number of times during the night and when I woke up this morning the heavens were still opening up. I didn’t extend. An hour or so later, after breakfast and after putting my face on (or was it taking my face off?) etc., the skies again had cleared. I hooked up the car, stowed the water hose and power cord, brought in the slides and brought up the hydraulic jacks and went on my way. Nothing but blue sky and white fluffy clouds all day.

I made a reservation at a county campground on Sunday Lake in Wakefield, MI. I’m headed that way at the comment/suggestion of reader Don who thought a side trip on the “Black River Road” north out of nearby Bessemer might be worthwhile. Thanks. I like suggestions of things to see, do or eat along my general way. This campground is pretty nice. I think there are a lot of seasonals. There’s a swimming beach as well. The campground has a gradual elevation from the waters edge to the road which allows for a pretty good water view from the campsite. That said, the actual site is so level that once the air bags dumped the jacks didn’t come down automatically. There’s good WiFi too! The neighbors had to give me some fresh grilled walleye. The little town is located across the lake – probably a 2 mile drive away.

From my front window.

It was such an enjoyable drive today as is often the case off the interstate. As the view unfolded in my front window, I was reminded of a PBS show. I have no idea what it is called but from time to time, when channel surfing, I get sucked in. It’s some soft spoken guy with a palette, some paint and brushes and a white canvas. With a 3” brush he scrubs some blue on the upper part of the canvas leaving splotches of white which become lazy clouds in a blue sky.

Then he starts imagining and painting maybe a mountain and lays some more blue near the bottom to be developed into a lake or stream. Mixing some umber and green and yellow, he makes a forest appear and a mix of black and white becomes the base for some granite rocks. In the mix, he creates a path or road stretching to adventure beyond. I don’t know if he’s any good, artistically, or not but my channel surfing always stops until his program is done.

When I’m driving like today, it’s like that white canvas in front of me being painted with azure skies, fluffy clouds, a sea of green and a ribbon of road stretching to Oz.

I’m heading westbound along US2 towards upper WI, MN, ND and MT and probably turning southerly from Glacier. The route is not cast in concrete but rather in dandelion fluff so it can be changed. If you have ‘must see’ suggestions, comment here or email me

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