81. Black River Road

Saturday, July 11, 2020

I took a chance and took my car on a side trip today. Why a chance? It’s not yet titled, registered and plated to me. I bought it from Avis Orlando on May 12th and they were to register etc in So Dakota for me. Actually since I’ve done it before and it’s so easy to do in SD by mail, I said I’d take care of it but Avis insisted it was the dealer’s function. So Avis issued me a 30day FL temp registration and paper license tag. When it expired, I pestered them and the Orlando Manager said it was all handled by “Corporate” and they were “inept”. He could or would not give me names and contact info for those at Corporate responsible for this function. Funny how nothing is said when you are looking and buying locally that paperwork is handled by some amorphous, inept, beyond contact corporation. Anyway Avis local issued and emailed to me another 30 FL temp registration and paper plate. [It’s against FL law to reissue same – so I guess local is inept when it comes to following FL law]

So now the second 30 day temp registration and paper tag expired some days ago and Avis does not respond to my texts or emails (when dealing with ineptness, it’s always good to avoid verbal exchanges and instead rely on provable written communication). It’s a problem to have an unlicensed vehicle on the road and no title. Besides it being a problem with the police, inherent in one’s insurance coverage is that the insured will operate in a legal manner. Would hate to give my insurer a loophole on a claim.

So I’ve now filed a formal complaint against Avis Orlando with the FL regulatory agency that licenses them. Hopefully they’ll be sanctioned in some way. I’ve also filed a complaint against Avis Orlando with the FL Attorney General alleging fraud, embezzlement and elder abuse.

But I digress. I became a scofflaw again and took a 60 mile round trip along the Black River Road. The BRR itself is about 14 miles long running north along the forested Black River from Bessemer, MI to the Black River Harbor on Lake Superior’s shore. As mentioned in my prior post, this was recommended by a reader. Along the way were quite a number of alpine ski hills and resorts. This area in in the Porcupine Mountains (Porkies). Of particular note to me was a half mile side-side trip to Copper Peak. Although the view was fairly obstructed to me because of its height, it was impressive nonetheless.

Copper Peak is the largest artificial ski jump in the world. From the parking area, the 810’ long chairlift takes you to the hill top. This place didn’t appear to me to be a major tourist attraction drawing big dollars, it hasn’t hosted a competition since 1994 having been built in 1969 and so, not being sure of its maintenance schedule, there was no way I was riding that! This chairlift gets you to the bottom of the artificial/man made ski jump. Once there, you ride an elevator up. Not an elevator in a big office bldg or hotel but basically a free standing elevator going up 18 stories to a point nearly to the top of the jump. Though the material says it was built to withstand 190 mile an hour winds, no way on doing the elevator either. So I’m relegated to this shot from the parking lot.
And this picture from a small opening on the nearby BRR road. You may feel free to ascend, I won’t.

I continued my drive on BRR into the Ottawa National Forest which extends another 6 miles north to Lake Superior shores. Along the way are 6 falls and beyond the last one is a National Forest Campground and then a really pretty day park on both the Black River and Lk Superior. The campground, of perhaps 4o sites, has water service only at centralized locations and many sites would accommodate a 30-35’ camper. Site # 18 is, IMO, the premier site being on a bluff with big views of Lk Sup.

I stopped at Potawatomi Falls. The trail from the parking area was paved (vs weedy, tick infested trails elsewhere) and accessible meaning no climbing for me. It was also only .2 or .3 miles. Tahquanamon Falls, if you want to be an attraction, this is how to do it. Great views from numerous areas.

The day area is large, manicured and has picnic areas. There’s a walkway to the river and to Lk Sup. There is also a suspension bridge (walking-no vehicles) connecting the two shores of the river. It was originally built for miners to get from their claims towards Ashland, WI. Though solidly built, it sways considerably when you walk across. From the bridge I could see a pretty sturdy looking dock at the park complete with many cleats for tying up. I don’t know if it’s only for smaller boats trailered in nearby or if the depth is sufficient for vessels that you might take on Lk Superior.

Park area

Black River, say hello to Lake Superior

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5 thoughts on “81. Black River Road”

    1. Anyway Janet, I’m not rebelling, they’ve had my $$ for over 60 days and no title yet when FL law, their law not mine, only gives them 30 days. I can’t legally use the car and they won’t communicate with me. I’m not rebelling, I’m p…..d. Think they are run by Truckey etal


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