83. To Park Rapids, MN

Last night was another rain filled night. So far haven’t found any external leaks😃 on this rig. I did have one small internal leak. The inflow water hose to the washing machine was dripping. With some effort in tight quarters, I tightened the connection and all seems to be good. It was a rainy morning too but I headed out on the road. The further west I went and as the morning morphed to afternoon, the skies turned blue. It was a short travel day for me as I headed SW. I plan on connecting to I94 in Fargo and then heading towards Theodore Roosevelt National Park at the SW border of ND. I got a site fore the night at a RV park in Rapid River, MN. I wanted to get a full hookup site so I could do laundry while I napped. This park is heavily wooded. I also needed to find a FedEx location. I received my signed off title for the motorhome and need to get it reregistered and plated out of Montana. I used my MT LLC (Last Resort LLC) to buy the rig and my temp plates expire in 13 days. In that time, I need to get the DMV application to Kalispell, MT, get the plates issued and mailed to my mailbox in So. Dakota and then forwarded to me wherever I am at the time.

Tonight’s campsite

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