84. A Slight Change of Mind

Weds., July 15, 2020

But before I get to that, I’ll finish up yesterday. I often use the Trip Advisor app to see what’s interesting near my location and to see if there’s a good place to eat supper. I like local finds – and I found one.

Listed for Park River was a candidate, the Rapid River Logging Camp. It was ranked as #5 out of 40 in the area and was located about 10 miles from the campground. In many years past, it was an actual logging camp with housing, mess hall etc for the loggers. It now consists of a gift shop building, tool buildings, the old mess hall etc in a park like setting well back in the woods. You enter thru the gift shop and pay a flat amount per person for breakfast or dinner. Exiting the gift shop bldg, you can wander the property or go into the mess hall. Seating is at one of the long tables (socially distanced) and your choice(s) of meats is served family style, AYCE. I had baked ham which was good and the ambiance was excellent.

Nearly a mile long ‘rustic‘ drive to their parking lot
Entry to the gift shop
Server Station
My table service. A pitcher of lemonade and tin cup, cole slaw, macaroni, baked beans, rolls and corn bread and pickles and green onions. Dessert, which is a freshly baked, cooked, fried (?) doughnut, is included. Not shown is the meat platter with mashed potatoes and gravy.

In my last post I wrote that I intended to head southwesterly to Fargo and west across ND from there. I reviewed my campground options in the evening and decided to head northwesterly to Grand Forks as originally planned. From there, if I choose, I can easily head to Fargo if I wish.

What intrigued me was the chance to see a smart expenditure of tax dollars. I know, that’s an oxymoron. Grand Fork ND and East Grand Forks, MN are separated by the Red River. The Red River pretty much floods every Spring. If you’ve ever lived in a designated flood plain, you know that there is federally underwritten flood ins available and if you have a federally insured mortgage or a mortgage thru an institution which is federally regulated or has federal deposit insurance, then you are required to buy the flood insurance. So when there is a flood, annual or not, federally underwritten flood ins pays and for those who are uninsured, for businesses and local government losses, FEMA becomes the ‘go to’ agency.

There was a fairly large established neighborhood in E. Grand Forks located along the Red River banks. It would flood and ins and/or FEMA would ante up. In 1997 the flooding was devastating. I don’t know how novel it was, but FEMA bought the entire neighborhood and razed 500 homes and other buildings and the land, now a 1200-acre greenway, became a State Recreation Area – trails, picnic areas, river access for fishing and boating and a large campground of over 100 campsites. The existing residential streets and alleyways were retained as campground roads and trails. I had seen the area from a distance driving past some years ago but I wanted to actually camp on my tax dollars so I decided to head there instead. My thoughts of tax dollar spending wasn’t influenced in any way by my finally finishing and filing my tax return last evening🤣. Sounds like a great blueprint for New Orleans.

Good use for former streets

This park is basically in downtown of E Grand Forks and within easy walking distance of a restaurant row (and other businesses) which is at the entrance to the park

In this panoramic shot, the checking for the park is at the end of the drive/parking area to the left. Then panning right are bldgs housing 4 restaurants and to the right is a city street leading to a bridge over the river to North Dakota.
Two of the restaurants
And the rest

Thurs., July 16, 2020

And now another change of plans. A few days ago I finally got the signed off title etc for the motorhome. I’m nearing the end of my second 30 days on a temp registration and paper tags. Flathead County (Glacier) in MT is the home county for several thousand Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) established to hold title to motorhomes, boats etc for the purpose of taking advantage of zero sales tax when purchasing. Because 99.9% of these LLCs handle the registration etc by mail and have the extra paperwork of submitting copies of their corporate records, the local DMV subcontracts the LLC registration process to a private vendor which actually issues the titles, registrations and plates. So I Fed Ex’d my paperwork to the vendor Weds and they received it and called me this noon. We went over the paperwork by phone, I gave them my credit card # and while I was on the phone the issued the new title, registration and permanent plates (never have to do annual registrations). By the time I hung up, I had an email in my inbox with the Fed Ex tracking number sending it all to my mail forwarding service in Sioux Falls, SD. It all should arrive tomorrow (Fri).

Since I really need the plates and since I takes about a week to order my mail, have them bundle it all, send it to wherever I am, and since Sioux Falls is a couple hundred miles south, I’m going to head to Sioux Falls tomorrow and will be at my mail forwarder Monday morning to pick up my mail and plates. So once again a change in direction. I’ll head west from Sioux Falls to Chamberlain, SD and then head north from there along the Missouri River. There are 3 beautiful Corps of Engineer parks along the River and I look forward to staying at one or more. Once back in ND, I’ll head west to T. Roosevelt National Park and the town of Medora. I also hope to go to Glacier National Park again. When last there, the Going to the Sun Road was still closed and being cleared of snow. I think the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole and some river rafting are starting to creep onto my horizon as is thinking of where to head for winter

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