90. On to Shelby MT

Today was a tougher day. First, it was hot. 95 degrees. Not humid but still hot. Second, it was a struggle driving. The amateur meteorologist in me equates the heat and wide open spaces into wind. Not just wind but unpredictable heavy gusts. That meant on these asphalt laser straight roads, I couldn’t just stay on the right side of center channel and set the auto pilot. Oops, getting confused about my mode of transportation. No there was a lot of real physical steering involved today. (For the most part the motorhome tracks very well without much steering effort).

Finally, there was a 20 mile or so stretch of highway that was absolutely torn up. All pavement was torn out and just two lane gravel. Max 35mph for the entire way. Slower if you wanted to treat your shocks or air bags with some degree of respect. In that stretch there were probably nearly a dozen minor bridges partially out with one lane open. These were controlled with those portable traffic lights alternating the direction of traffic. Lots of slow, dusty driving and stops.

You can see the areas of under 10mph and stops by the colored bands between Chinook and Havre

For those of you who enjoy cereal in the mornings, I wish to report that I also crossed Battle Creek today. No pic ‘cause it came and went too quickly.

Typical scenery, I luv it.
I stopped to take this pic since it made me think of the building of this country. A scene depicting telegraph (now power) poles, adjacent to the iron railway ribbon connecting East to West with farming, ranching and beef cattle in the background
This picture doesn’t do justice to the miles of arrow straight empty highway.
In the far distance, you can make out Whitlash, Gold Butte and West Butte, a small range of volcanic peaks on the Canadian border. West Butte, at 7,000’ is the highest elevation in the Montana Sweet Grass Hills.
I stopped for the day in Shelby, MT. Shelby is a thriving western town at the crossroads of US 2 and Interstate 15 which leads north to the Canadian Border. The campground is adjunct to the Comfort Inn and Suites. My rig is the dark RV to the left of the white RV and pickup. I enjoyed a swim in the hotel indoor pool and relaxed in the spa.
Above the campground is Veterans Memorial park

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