92. Arriving at Glacier National Park

Thurs., July 30, 2020

Everyone did their part. Freightliner in Reno got the air dryer shipped yesterday. Fed Ex got it to Shelby Montana the next (this) morning and good ole Harley knocked on my door in the campground around 11am. After sitting all nite, pretty much all the air was out of the suspension and my exit steps were down on the ground and the full width hanging mud flaps were nearly horizontal on the ground. I cranked up the rear jacks as much as I could and Harley slid under and disconnected the air dryer and, at his truck bench, reattached all the fittings to the new dryer, slid back under and hooked it all back up to the coach. By noon, I started the engine and after about 2 minutes the air bags were at proper 1oo# pressure and the coach was no longer basically sitting near the ground. Brakes were working again and after disconnecting electric, water and bringing in the slides etc., I was ready to roll. Once again, the coach became the smoothest riding vehicle I’ve had.

The drive was pretty easy. I really enjoyed the 50-60 mile drive crossing the mountains. I saw my first snow, lots of it, in several years. Coming down the mountain grades I got to do a real test on both the exhaust brakes and engine brakes to compare. Both will hold the rig including car to 30mph or less without touching the brake pedal and momentarily tapping the brake pedal will slow it even further. Actually often needed to hit the accelerator to maintain a reasonable speed heading down a mountain. The road thru the mountains was not in good shape. The views were spectacular especially of the river and rafters below. I was paying attention to my driving so no pics🙁.
I’m in a comm’l park, nothing fancy, for 4 nites so I’ll have time to explore. It’s about a 20 minute drive back to the West Entrance. All the East Entrances are closed.

First view of the mountains in Glacier. This road is already at 5,000’. Sorry about the windshield reflections and sun visor.
’Home’ for the next 4 nites.

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