94. Missoula, MT

Monday, Aug 3, 2020

Hard to believe it’s August already. I left late this morning for a short drive to Missoula @ 120miles. Kinda slipped my mind that I’d spend a lot of those miles between steep mountain sides on one side and steep drop offs down to Flathead Lake on the other. From Bigfork to Polson just enough room for two lanes and railroad tracks. For the most part no room for even 2’ shoulders. Up and down, twist and turns keeps you very awake and alert. Focused too much on staying on the road to see much of the fabulous views. No pictures except in my mind. One thing I did notice along the entire drive was cherry orchards. If there was a little room along side the road there was a little, medium or large cherry stand. I didn’t see many with sufficient room for my rig.

I noticed last night while looking at my one of my campground apps a familiar sounding campground in/near Missoula – Jim & Mary’s Campground. Sharon and I stayed there in June 2003, our 5th yr of fulltiming. I remember nice views and flowers. So I texted and they had a site for tonite. In 16yrs, the views have been marred by building development but the park is still nice and there are still flowers at each site. Cell service and wi fi sux, though.

One other item of note, there was a hurricane/tropical storm that came up FL’s east coast this past weekend. My boat broker and the Captain I’ve hired to keep the boat ship shape till sold, both somehow moved the storm further east offshore. Zero damage😎

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