98. On to Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons (and Yellowstone?)

What a fun drive today!

Not even ten feet of Interstate driving. All cross country driving with mountain climbs and descents, twists and turns plus beauty thrown in for good measure. A bit windy but for the most part a tail wind.

Use two fingers to enlarge

I’m actually in a RV park (Star Valley Ranch Resort, RV and Golf ) in Thayne, WY. It’s about 45 minutes south of Jackson Hole. I wanted a week stay and campgrounds are generally either full or don’t have 1 week availability. It’s a very large (700-800 sites) park with most sites individually owned. Am hoping that this is the ‘last gasp before school starts’ weekend and it becomes a little less congested.

I plotted my general trip so far on a map. I think it’s a good overview. It doesn’t represent each stop, just enough to map my route. 4,550 miles/17 states. Don’t know yet where I’m heading after next week. I probably won’t post again until I’ve finished checking out Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons next week. Whether or not I head into Yellowstone with the Jeep will, to some degree, depend on time and traffic. I think I’ve ‘done’ Yellowstone three times already so it’s not a high priority.

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2 thoughts on “98. On to Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons (and Yellowstone?)”

  1. Thanks again for the posting. I am taking my grandson and nephew sailing tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting back on the ocean.


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