108. Las Vegas, NV

Monday, Oct 19, 2020

RV Stats: 28 stopping points, 103:52 hours calculated driving time, 5869 calculated miles.
Toad stats: 4884 grocery and side trip miles.

Some years ago I lost a cap on a lower molar. It did not bother me and so I did nothing. In April/May of this year, after arriving with the boat in Jacksonville, I started having some ‘twinges’ and immediately switched to using Sensodyne. Twinges went away and I’ve been traveling for months. Friday the twinges reoccurred with more vengeance. By Sat/Sunday it was a problem. My jaw was swollen and the pain and sleeplessness increased. No dentist nearby Zion National Park. Not even nearby pharmacies. It’s when I made the decision to go to a bigger city and preferably one dealing with tourists. Las Vegas met the criteria and it was not experiencing low temps in the 30’s.

Yesterday (Monday), after some poor sleeping nights, I made what seemed to be a never ending drive to Las Vegas and checked into a park familiar from prior stays – the Oasis RV Resort. I found a dentist office and found ‘specialization’. Some dentists do fillings etc and some do extractions. So I got a recommendation for a couple of ‘extractionists’ and made an appointment for one today (Tues) at noon. As I write, mid afternoon, the offending tooth has met the tooth fairy or goblin. I was put to sleep, never felt anything and still don’t. The swelling in my jaw is still evident but the antibiotic course should handle that. Meanwhile, I’ll have to find some attractions around here to visit. That may not be easy as much is closed down. I just heard, for example, that access to walking across the Hoover Dam just opened up today after having been closed since March. I’ll probably stay for awhile since the economics today overwhelmingly favor a month’s stay.

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7 thoughts on “108. Las Vegas, NV”

  1. Glad you finally took care of that tooth! I have just finished with the last 4 crowns myself!! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Ha Ha !
    Joan XO


  2. I loved the travelogue. The pics, the videos and the descriptions are fun to see and read. The west is so different from the rest of the country. And Las Vegas is so surreal. We go through Havasu every June on our way to Parker Az where the family hangs out at the Colorado River for a week. Where are you heading next?


    1. Thanks. You always have such kind comments. Surprising from someone living under a dictator😅😇😂🤣. Course if one doesn’t like dictator Newsom, one could always opt for Empress Whitmer

      Where am I heading next? What! You expect me to think and plan two months in advance? That’s assuming one is even allowed to travel in 2 months.

      Anything I should see while I’m here?


  3. I am not really all that familiar with the area. We pretty much just hang out on the River doing water stuff when we are there.


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