115. Mission, TX

Have arrived! Palm trees. 78 degrees, full sun. No more white stuff on the ground. Good start. Hope to finish the winter here. Also hoping to hear soon on an appointment for COVID19 vaccination.

Here a public service announcement for you spread all around the country. Watch your “Sales Flyers” for an upcoming national tenderized venison meat sale. The last 3 travel days across TX disclosed more deer road kill than I’ve ever seen in my life. There had to be a carcass every 5 miles and there’s a whole lot of 5 mile increments crossing this state.

I’m at an inland park having elected to stay away from camping at South Padre Island. The Rio Grand Valley (RGV) is known to be quite windy, much more so than S. FL, and I don’t want to have to rinse wind blown salt spray off the rig every morning. If not actually camping on the Gulf, why pay for the much higher Gulf prices. So I’m inland but within easy driving distance to the Gulf. (When I lived in Naples for 6 yrs, I think I actually walked the Gulf beach twice.).

I’m also very close, I think within 10 miles, of the nearest border crossing to MX (Reynosa) and hope that I can visit MX. Maybe I can stock up on my meds as well like I did early summer, 2019. I still have a vial left of one of my meds from then. It is an absolute blessing to not have to deal with the Walgreens and CVSs of this country as they botch their way through their own computer systems. And I’ve never had a US pharmacist come around the counter to shake my hand and hug me when I left. And to not have to see the Dr. for an appointment solely to get another set of refills (or from the Dr’s point of view, solely to get another crack at billing Medicare for a useless 3 minute appointment plus 1 hour more in the waiting room) is priceless. And pricing less than 1/4 of the US Medicare Part D Rx charge ain’t bad either.

You may remember from a prior post that I signed up for a fleet fuel card via trucking company. I finally got to use it on this leg and I’m going to love it. Adjusting for leaving Lake Havasu City with only 1/2 tank of diesel, I used 190 gal of fuel for 1448 miles or about 7.6 mpg. Using my card, the diesel I purchased cost $506. at the published posted pump price. For the use of the card, I paid 3 fees totaling $1.95. plus the fleet company ‘raked’ off 10% of the negotiated savings or $10.24. My checking account has been credited $110.15 with the balance of the savings. Works for me!

In other news, news of probably little interest to you but which makes me happy, I finished a little project. Sometime ago I mentioned that I found, on the net, 3 prior years of my summer RV wanderings that I had published on another blog site that I thought had been lost. I’ve reformatted, primarily grouping pics at the end, and now have published ancillary to this blog. They are available via the index and below

2016 Summer Trip

My wanderings for Summer, 2017

2018 Travel Homepage

Sharon and I also traveled full time in our RVs from 1997-2011. During that time I posted travels and pics via Facebook and individual emails. Those are now irretrievable, I think. Hence my desire to aggregate what I can, for myself, under a single controllable source. I am pretty sure that I did put together an annual map of the US showing our travel and I’m going to try to find those amongst probably my 10,000 or so pics on the cloud. What I find, I will, in some form, also add to this forum. The gap from 2011 to 2016 was one of no RV travel as Sharon & I hung up the keys and bought a condo in Naples.

2 thoughts on “115. Mission, TX”

  1. Thanks for the update! I hope you like the new place.
    We are in Florida for a week and a half after I was quarantined with Steph for two weeks prior to being here. A nice rest for her and a third week of recovery. She was fairly sick but doing well now and we are heading back to Michigan Thursday and she’s back to work Friday. She wanted me to pass on her thanks for you donation to Mel Trotter! The items are really needed!


    1. The parks here are very heavily Canadian which basically isn’t happening this year. Mix of park models and RV sites, maybe 50/50. Of the RV spots, probably 90% vacant vs normal 95% occupied.

      Hadn’t heard that you were covid’d. Glad you’re back! Travel back north safely.

      Re Mel Trotter – Joan is quite the salesperson😇


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