122. Deja Vu

Deja vu. Thurs. Mar 25, 2021.

Mother Nature returns. Tornado watch started about 9 am and by 2 pm or so turned into a tornado warning one county east of me. In another half hour a warning was issued for the town of Belmont for a 1 hour duration. So pack up and back to the shelter.

Same place, different week/day. More torrential rains, too.

Fri., 3/26/21

Besides the bad weather, the paint shop workers were home instead of working on the Bus so it will add another day to my unpleasant ‘camping’ experience in the garage. I had first thought the job might be finished by the weekend. Then I found that the shop is basically closed Fri., Sat., and Sun as the full time Tiffin painters want long weekends from their part time gig. No TV, no radio, and rare sporadic cell service in here. It’s going to be a long weekend. No basketball, no NASCAR. It’s doubtful at this point that I’ll be able to keep my Tues appointment to get the new Teflon plate installed on the BR slide. I checked this morning to see if I could delay the appointment by a day. Yes, but it would be an 8 day delay!

The first repair place I was going to use, on recommendation of Tiffin, is building a new shop about a block away (moving out of their old one 15 miles away) and isn’t opening till April 1. When I came 2 weeks ago, that seemed to far away but now… So walked over this morning and I think he’ll work me in on Weds or Thursday 🤞🤞🤞. My windshield arrived and the glass shop scheduled me for replacement Tues afternoon. Hope I can make that.

Good news is that 2 guys must need extra $ and showed up this afternoon (Fri). The Bus in the next bay (from NC) has one of the guys wet sanding the entire Bus. I told him to remind me never to arm wrestle him and he responded that he does wet sanding 10 hrs a day at Tiffin. The NC folks will be leaving in the morning so I probably won’t have any fellow in-garage campers this weekend. One other coach left this morning and there are three more sitting out in the parking lot waiting entry. The 2nd guy is busy on mine, doing more taping, sanding and prep work. The prep to get ready for paint is extensive. I’m told the actual paint time will be a bit more than a half hour! I’ll do my best to be around for that!

Next door camping neighbor. All the plastic off, almost all the tape, being wet sanded to go. In the morning it gets detailed by another crew.
My rig. Minor damage done to two basement doors by the prior owner will also be repaired.
Worker busy sanding the primer smooth

I also had a startling reminder today.

Soon after we were married, I taught Sharon how to drive and about a year later bought her a used car. A 6-7 yr old ‘57 Chevy painted this color. It’s likely it also had dice hanging from the mirror. Of course in those chauvinistic times, I bought it, sight unseen by her, and gave it to her. I will say she was beyond thrilled. As I remember it, within a month, someone ran a stop sign a block from our apartment and totaled the Chevy. Poor as church mice, we carried only the required liability insurance. I don’t think the other driver was collectable. So she no longer had a car; I was miffed; she was sad; and I told her she wasn’t getting another one. At the time I just didn’t get it how independent that so-called gift of a car had made her feel. I later understood and she could always then get the car of her choice/color etc. or boat, or RV or house (and of course she always made sure she’d pick what she knew I’d like (Corvette convertible, 30’ sport fisher, 38’ motorhome, condo, etc). Anyway, seeing this car was a jolt to me of both good times and my crappy male attitude. I sure would like a do over of that, Sharon. Now that I think about it, you gave me decades of great do overs and two daughters.😍

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