123. DeJa Vu AGAIN!

OK. This is getting old. Three times in less than 10 days.

Sunday morning, 12:30 am finds me back in the community tornado shelter. Awakened by sirens followed by blasts from my phone and iPad. It was cancelled about 1/2 hr later and I got back to my ‘campsite’ in the garage about 1:30am. Heavy thunderstorms quit rumbling through about 3:30 am. The cold front through, the high for the day is supposed to be only 61 degrees so guessing there’ll be a reprieve for a few days.

A lot smaller crowd

And it’s a lot smaller crowd at the shop too. I’m the only human here since early afternoon Saturday. Glad the owner gave me a key and appointed me ‘night watchman’🤣👮🏻‍♂️ With the door open, I can get some natural light besides the 24 hr fluorescent glare. Not being able to see out of any coach window due the plastic covering and the fluorescents make for an unnatural existence.

Yup. All’s quiet on this inspection tour😀

Sorry about the steady photo stream picturing my ‘exciting life’. No TV, no radio, basically no phone or internet inside the building. Either watch grass grow or watch paint dry!

Monday 3/29/21

Three pm and the crew starts coming in. The prep work never ends. They sanded down the scraped area on the two basement doors and primed them. Then they ‘washed’ with rags and some strong solution all the areas that have been sanded and primed to rid them of dust, grease or hand oils. Then more spot sanding and more priming. It’s now 7pm and it looks like they are going to start painting the main areas yet tonight. I’m guessing they want that done and drying overnight so that tomorrow they can tape and paint all the artsy scroll and curvy work. As I understand it with today’s high tech paint, it can dry in an hour and even the two coats, later, of clear coat are dry in two hours. The bus that finished clear coated Saturday was back this afternoon to be detailed and waxed. It wasn’t that long ago that waxing wasn’t recommended for at least 6 months. I’m getting kind of excited to start seeing some of the grey primer being recoated.

The eyebrow gets repainted black. The grey primer up there is almost gone. Previous owner’s bedliner job is totally gone.
The bottom 18” or so silver color (below the wider horizontal yellow tape) has been painted. Time to mask some more area. Unbelievable amount of masking tape (of different widths) are used. This gentlemen spends all day spray painting new coaches beginning with a coach brought to him fully primed in grey and ending with a final shiny clear coated bus fully painted with bright colors, hand painted swirls and slashes.

The painter finished at about this point for the evening. He will be back tomorrow (Weds) during his lunch break to paint the rest of the solid colors, front and back so that all will be dry and ready for the painting of the finer swirls and lines followed by the clear coats when he comes back after work at Tiffin at 3pm. I’m enjoying watching them work as the work and accompanying smells remind me of some 60 yrs ago when I painted summers for my dad. I remember back then enjoying working at Calvin College’s new Knollcrest Seminary staining the oak trim and then spraying hot lacquer (in the days before polyurethane) and the similar all permeating smell. I need to wander outside a few times at night for some fresh air though. Getting my fill of VOC’s.

Tues., 3/30/21


Front being painted black and the tape disappearing. BTW, the paint is $280.00/gallon. The tape is $7.50/roll. Don’t know about the plastic but the outer side is treated to attract overspray.
Being clear coated. The whole building becomes foggy in spite of the huge exhaust fans. It’ll be stinky inside the rig tonight.
The clear coat will cure overnight and then there will be some repaint of the ‘art work followed by more clear coat tomorrow (Weds).

The butterfly starts to slowly emerge from the cocoon.

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2 thoughts on “123. DeJa Vu AGAIN!”

  1. Your writing can even make paint drying interesting, I’m in awe 😁. Looking forward to the final pictures. What was the previous owner’s bedliner job (I either missed something or have a terrible memory)?


    1. The ‘eyebrow’, front and back, take the most beating (UV) from the sun but generally suffer from the worst “sunglasses” (UV blocking paint) because 1) it’s high up and more difficult and 2) who’s going to see it up there anyway. So, I presume since I didn’t own it then, the paint thinned, checked and/or peeled etc up there similar to what you see on some car roofs and hoods and a prior owner decided to ‘fix’ it by using that rubberized type compound or flex steel often applied to the beds of pickup trucks. Hence the reference.

      Unfortunately, that stuff looks ‘pebblely’, low gloss etc and is very obvious. It also doesn’t have great UV protection and areas were starting to peel which made it look even worse. Gotta fix it right.

      The rear also had a round area, maybe 1+ sq ft, that i think had been repainted. The color was slightly off but worse, the gloss. I’ve had the rig waxed twice with extra attention to that area but it continued to stick out like a sore thumb. It looked like this round area always got missed when it came to washing and waxing.

      So it was time to ‘start over.’


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