124. Free, I’m Free at Last

Weds., 3/31/21

10:00am and one of the workers appears and starts working. It’s lunch time at the Tiffin plant (they start at 5 am) so he’s here for 10 or so minutes to prep for later when the paint crew comes in at 3 pm. Hope he knows what he’s doing!!!

“Just When I Think I’m Out, They Pull Me Back In”

This was actually a little painful to watch after how good it looked last evening! But a mere few hours later the pin striping was being redone followed again by clear coating. Last night in the ‘garage’ while it finishes curing. Two new decals to be applied in the rear and some new trim around my entry door and I’ll be out tomorrow and headed for a new windshield on Friday.

Emerging from its cocoon after finally shedding its plastic wrap and masking tape.

Thurs 4/1/21

Some final small items taken care of today. There is a wind deflector that is installed on the leading edge of the entry door. It’s a thin piece of hard rubber about 8’ long which sticks out about 3/4” from the RV side. Deflecting air from the hinge side of the door eliminates the wind whistle when driving. Someone had tried to repair it in the past but the repair failed north of Las Vegas when a 3’ long strip tore free and started banging on the door. Wind whistle would be better than the banging. So I had contracted to have the paint and collision repair shop replace it. It’s a bit involved. The door and door frame need to be loosened from the bus and the remainder of the old strip removed. Then the new strip is inserted and the door frame screwed back in place holding the rubber strip. Finally, it is caulked in with silicon caulking. It all needs to be done after the painting is done and the paint solvents cured, i.e., today. Uncured, the paint solvent would turn the caulking into a dripping mess.

Last night I also went over the newly painted area a came up with some areas that needed a little attention. Finally, the two new decals on the rear cap,were installed. So about 3:30pm I got to finally start up the bus, back it out, hook up the Jeep and head out. Felt really good to be behind the wheel again. But not for long. My next stop is First Class Glass in Red Bay, 5 miles away. 1st Class has its own campground of 24 full hookup 50 amp sites. There’s about 20 Tiffins in the campground tonight plus 3 inside the facility getting new windshields. Quite an operation doing only motorhomes with dozens of windshields lined up waiting to join up with their new coach. They have a large elevated platform servicing the 3 bays. The employees are at the correct height for windshield mounting. There’s a larger type ‘crane’ on the platform which can pluck the right piece of glass from the floor and maneuver it to the right RV for install.

So I’m hooked up to power. Not having had water or sewer for the past 8 days, I dumped here and refilled my water. I also have more than a weeks worth of laundry in the washing machine. By morning, I should have clean and dry clothes and a presentable motorhome and by afternoonish, the new glass should be installed. I think they prefer that the motorhome not be driven until the glass is properly seated so am guessing they’ll want me here tomorrow night as well. That’s ok. I can see the sun here. I have Tv and radio now as well as cell service etc. But I’ll have to run the heat tonight as there’s a freeze warning. I’m hoping Monday or Tues I can find a shop that will squeeze me in, lift the BR slide out up and insert a new Teflon slide block. And then I’ll be back on the road!😎😎😎

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6 thoughts on “124. Free, I’m Free at Last”

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of work done, Allen. Glad you seem to be enjoying your bus. I’m looking for a different small one. Maybe Coach House or Leisure Travel. Happy Trails. I’m leaving in another week and heading to Virginia, then Indiana.


    1. Hi Dale. I really like the coach. It’s so comfortable and it makes traveling a joy. I was aware of the cosmetic flaws when I bought and paid accordingly. The prior owner tried to ‘cheap out’ and it was a fail. My internal debate was whether to fix it now and enjoy it even if over the rest of my time it got some scratches and stone chips or drive as is and then, when ready to sell, fix it up for the next folks. The latter is what I’ve always done before and I figure maybe it’s time to enjoy the looks myself.

      Good luck on your continuing search. It looks like maybe rigs are staying on the market a bit longer now rather than selling in a week. More market deflation to come this summer and next, I think.

      You have a safe trip!! Did you get over to McAllen/Mission? I saw your pix as you redid your place in FL. Great job! Hoping all is well with you.


  2. Thanx Bob. I’m pleased. Now to get a big broom installed in front to sweep away all rocks, stones and pebbles before they chip the paint😅. Decided against installing Diamond Shield. Not sure I liked the looks and if installation isn’t perfect, the discoloration under the DS will totally ruin the looks


    1. Thanks. New windshield is in and am cooling my heels in the cg at 1st Class Glass in Red Bay. They request an overnight to let something dry or cure or whatever. Ok by me.


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