126. Traveling On

Thurs., 4/8/21

I did not get a resolution on my bedroom slide-out issue so have decided to get back on the road. I’ll address it later this summer after my stints as volunteer host for Michigan State Parks. If needed then, I’ll just head to Moscow, IA and the HWH factory.

Today was a windy drive with even heavier gusts. The first 50 miles or so I drove the Natchez Trace Parkway. It saved about 45 miles to S. Nashville vs. cutting straight east to I65 and the straight north. The downside is the 50 mph speed limit. With the narrow 2 lane Parkway road and virtually no shoulder, the wind gusts made it a difficult drive so once I got north of the Tennessee River I parted ways with the Natchez Trace and headed to I 65.

A pretty drive along the ‘busy’ truck free Parkway. Here I’m about to meet 3 cyclists😎
Natchez Trace Parkway crossing the Tennessee River. Had Covid not interfered, my Great Loop boat adventure would have been along this River too

On the south side of Nashville, I fueled up at a Travel America truck stop. My last fuel stop was in Lafayette, LA on March 9th. I’ve written in a prior post about the TSD trucker’s fuel card that I got that provides a healthy discount on diesel fuel. You access the pump via the fuel card rather than cash or credit card. To the fuel vendor, with my card I look like part of a trucking chain. The fuel vendor charges my fuel to the ‘trucking’ company and I leave without paying the vendor/truck stop. The ‘trucking’ company takes a 10% of the savings fee and debits my personal checking account for the net discounted transaction and the receipt shows up on my phone as below

I bought almost 104 gal of diesel at the TA in Franklin, Tn. The pump price was a competitive $3.199/gal for a total at the pump of $331.81. The price was discounted to the ‘trucking’ company by $78.41 and the ‘trucking’ company charged a 10% fee of $7.81 plus a flat fee of $0.65 meaning the ‘trucking’ company is debiting my checking account tonight $261.89 effectively lowering the cost by a net of $0.674/gal down to under $2.53/gal. For that I drove 6 miles out of my way. The diesel I consumed was not only for my driving miles, but also probably 15-20 hrs of generator time and a month’s worth of heat and hot water for every time the ambient outside temps dipped below 50 degrees or so.

I am bunked down tonight courtesy of a local Cracker Barrel. And it is courtesy. I lost one of my two 10,000 pound safety cables between the bus and the Jeep (insurance cables in case of a hitch malfunction). Am guessing I didn’t secure it properly this morning and dragging it 1-200 miles on the pavement just frayed the end down to NOTHING! Not good!

So I went shopping after I arrived at Cracker Barrel. Best I could find was a 5,000 pound cable so my insurance is one 10,000 and one 5,000 pound cable. Ordered a new 10k set off Amazon to be sent to daughter Vic’s address. Anyway, passed a Five Guys on the way back and stopped there for supper rather than ‘paying’ Cracker Barrel by buying dinner there. Very comfortable safe place to ‘parking lot camp’. Thank you Cracker Barrel. It’s a great service you offer at 95% of your facilities.

On edit: I forgot to note that last night sirens again woke me up, at 4:15am, necessitating a fourth visit this stay to the community tornado shelter.

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2 thoughts on “126. Traveling On”

  1. Natchez Trace is my all time favorite drive. Normally was on it twice a year to/from Terry’s family reunion in Mississippi, 30 miles from Red Bay.


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