128. Blacksburg, VA

Friday, 4/16/21

Last night I got together with my very favorite granddaughter, Juliana. She’s a Junior at Virginia Tech studying areospace engineering. Sounds like she’s going to capitalize on her high school robotics competitions. She’s been offered a paid internship at the University this summer.

The school and her digs are located in Blacksburg, VA. The city of 42,000+, founded in 1798, is located on a plateau between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains. It is economically dominated by the University of 30,000+ students. Despite its age, from what I saw it is a modern appearing town with the appeal of a large open area campus.

Juliana’s off campus apartment building. Large complex but with lots of wide open park like space.
Dinner at El Rodeo with my youngish date
And here she is a few years earlier visiting Grandma and Grandpa at a VA campground. Tempus fugit!

I’m happy to have taken my RVs, over the past 5 or so years, to see grandson Tim at the Univ of GA, grandson Charlie at Univ of Oklahoma and now Juliana at Virginia Tech. Proud of them all!

While at the campground here and with a known destination ahead of me, I did a bit of shopping at Amazon. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I ruined on of my breakaway cables between the motorhome and Jeep. I was able to cobble together a temporary replacement so now I’ve ordered a new pair of 10,000 pound strength permanent cables. At the same time I ruined my cable, I also broke one of the wires that comprises the power umbilical cord between the motorhome and Jeep and power to the right rear tail light/blinker/brake light was lost. It’s not an illegal situation in that the tail lights etc of the motorhome are mounted high enough to be seen over the Jeep but I’d rather not try to explain and show the law to a law enforcement officer etc. So Amazon is delivering a new power harness as well. I have traveled since 2016 with one of those digital picture frames that I can plug a flash drive into with pics of my travels with Sharon. When actually traveling, I disconnect it and lay it in the middle of the king bed. Recently I had to stop very very suddenly abandoned heard a crash. At the next campsite, I found my broken frame on the floor nearly all the way to the front of the bus. So that’s getting replaced as well.

Getting concerned with the news reports on Michigan’s Covid recurrence. MI Governor has a history of trying to shut down the State and I’m hoping she doesn’t close down the state Park/campground system since I’m to be a campground host for 2 months at two of the parks. On the other hand, reduced contact would be OK with me. I’m told I get a $150 allowance per month for coffee supplies for campers that want a cup on their morning walks and for craft supplies etc for morning kiddie activities. What do I know about crafts for kids etc? The mere thought of that to those that know me must be generating the loudest of guffaws. So Gov., keep the campgrounds open but terminate the state sponsored activities enhancing ‘social distancing’. Gov., if you can close the schools, you can prohibit kiddie crafts on Al’s campsite🤠.

I also managed, while here, to snag a 10 day reservation at Wabasis Lake County Campground in northern Kent County just before I’m due at Silver Lake State Park for hosting. I stayed there for a few nights last year and it’s a very nice public campground.

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7 thoughts on “128. Blacksburg, VA”

  1. I’m headed to Charlottesville as we speak for 5 days. My oldest grandchild (Ronan) turns 14 while I’m there. Last night I babysat for my youngest while her parents did an overnight business function. After that I’m headed to Indiana to see my almost 96 year old Mom.


  2. Drive safely Dale. You going by car or Minnie Me? I’ll be heading within 50 miles or so of there tomorrow on my way to DC. Goshen or Elkhart area of IN?


    1. I’m in MinnieMee. Just Brendon and me. Goshen, Elkhart, Warsaw. And Shipshewana to get my fridge fixed. It works on gas but not electric. How’s that for a switch? Wishing you safe travels.


  3. Hope your new wiring harness keeps those smoky the bears off your rear!! I’m having a flashback to the days of the smoky the bear drill sergeant type hats we wore at Kentwood PD.
    What are your reservation dates at Wabasis? We live in Greenville now and only 10 miles away.


    1. Sir Bear. I remember those head lids. I thought they were pretty cool. Course they didn’t slow me down much🤠. Cg ressie: haven’t gotten my email confirm yet and I didn’t write it down but I think it’s most of the 3rd/4th week of May. I know I have a site move the last two nites.


  4. The sight of my Uncle Alan doing crafts with the kiddos is a funny picture.
    But maybe you can do a Cutco demonstration. I still remember you cutting a penny with that scissors when I was a kid. I was in awe.


    1. That picture is so surreal that it’s a bit stressful. Not a bit funny to me👿👺😱. Have my hopes pinned on Gov Whitmer to do the right thing, exercising her dictatorial powers by limiting such activity.

      Those cut pennies sold lots of scissors.


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