129. Centreville, VA

Broke the trip to Centreville up into two smaller segments from Blacksburg to Staunton and then Staunton to Bull Run Regional Park (campground) in Centreville/Manassas. In Staunton, I overnighted in another Cracker Barrel.

Centreville is home to Jon & daughter Vic. My youngest grandson, Charlie is also home from Univ. of Oklahoma. I plan on having another nice visit.

My home for the week+ will be in Bull Run Regional Park situated between Centreville and Manassas. It is a very large county park, several miles long. Its many picnic areas, pavilions, shooting and archery ranges, water park, trails and 150 site campground are big draws in this metro area.

Entrance to the park is about a mile to the left while the campground in the park is about 1.5 miles to the right. One of the large pavilions is barely visible in the distance just right of center.
Taken from my motorhome door, an equestrian leads her horse down one of the many trails.

The Bull Run stream, of Battle of Bull Run and Manassas fame, runs through the park and is part of The Blue Bell Trail with literally acres of low woodland area covered in spring wildflowers. The park has a long meandering trail through the area visited by many many county residents.

Spring Beauty (Claytona virginica)
Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)
This park and the nearby (2 miles) intersection of Lee Highway and Sudley Road figured prominently in the battles of the Civil War. At various times, both the South and the North controlled the area. It was then and now a place to go for the weekend. Now, to enjoy this immense park and camping area; then, a place where Washingtonians (including Pres. Lincoln and wife) could ride their surreys to watch the fighting in the meadows below their hilltop observation point. A genteel outing!

As this sign in the park points out, during the winter there was little fighting and both sides built winter quarters. Also noted on this sign is a similar nearby area of concentrated fighting, the Occoquan River, visited by me on the boat – blog post 21&22.

Grandson Charlie, while job hunting, has started a small business via a web site called Etsy. I think he’s getting it up and running via other online venues as well. He’s making and marketing tree nut free custom hand made special occasion cookies and though just starting, orders are coming in. Sold by the dozen, they are shipped individually wrapped Good luck, Charlie, with that and with the job hunt too!

Just so you know, it’s not all fun and games. There are chores and now after 8 or 9 days and before hitting the road, it’s time to do laundry. Sure is handy being able to do it aboard. After a nice visit, tomorrow, Tuesday, it’s back on the road.

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