130. North Thru Pennsylvania

Leaving Centreville, I decided I wanted to take a different route than I usually do. One reason, I had the time and my second was I really am sick of the PA Turnpike and OH Turnpike enroute to Michigan. Seems like I’ve driven it all my life – it’s boring and with a Coach pulling a car, it’s expensive. An alternative that I’ve taken, “America’s Highway” I-68 to Morgantown WVA and I -79 north to Pittsburgh is a tiring drive with few stops and then you still have a bit of the PA Turnpike plus the OH Turnpike.

So I’ve decided to go north through PA and into NY State, the Finger Lakes area, and from Rochester go along the Lake Ontario shore to Niagara and then along Lake Erie’s shore to Toledo/MI. It’s been many years since I’ve been in that area.

Tues, 4/27/21

Today was almost a perfect travel day with the exception of it being Interstate. Temps of about 70 degrees, full sun, relatively light traffic and only 180 mile segment and 3 rest stops. I pulled into a Cracker Barrel for an overnight. Nothing worth taking pictures.

My next segment, and for that matter most of those that follow for the next 6-700 miles, will be nearly free of Interstates😎.

Weds., 2/28/21

Yesterday, about 50 miles before Harrisburg, the motorhome did a small ‘lurch’ and the check engine light came on and the dash screen changed to say ‘stop engine’. I pulled off the road, shut down and restarted the engine. Light went out and screen turned to normal so I pulled back on the highway and finished the ride into Harrisburg with my eyes focused on the dash. No more lights or messages. So I woke up at 7 am this morning and called the Cummins shop in Harrisburg. I was told they were booked till the end of May. So I left and headed north. A pretty ride with half the distance driven following the contours of the Susquehanna River. A very rocky river.

I noticed on my Cummins app that there was a Cummins service facility in Williamsport so I pulled off the highway and stopped in. Very friendly and extremely neat & clean place. The bus was due for an oil change and filters and the generator past due. The diagnostics showed a short fuel delivery fault some 4 engine hours earlier. So they are changing out the fuel filters, changing the oil and filters on both the engine and generator, plus the air filter on the generator and checking the transmission. The report on one of the engine fuel filters is that the O ring was not seated and so was rolled and could very well have let small amounts of air into the filter which could well have caused the stutter and check engine light. Then when the engine farted, passed the air, the dash light etc went out.

I got the rig back at 3pm and plugged it into 50 amp service on their lot. They have room for two rigs. Tomorrow morning the correct air filter for the generator should arrive from Harrisburg and the genny will be serviced. Supposed to rain tonight so the rig will get washed as well.😂

Thurs., 4/29/21

Did you know that there are two 7 o’clocks in a day? Yes, there’s one in the morning too! Cummins opens at 7 am and I was ready – slides in, jack’s up, power cord disconnected. Parts arrived during the night sometime and so the Bus is back in the service bay getting the generator serviced. I use the generator a lot. By 9ish am. The service was done and I was presented an invoice for hundreds less than expected. That plus amazing service from a most friendly crew! Less than 24 hours after pulling in without an appointment, I have full preventive maintenance done on the engine and generator and the overnight was caused by having a needed part delivered over 100 miles. Plus I got a great overnight stay with solid 50 amp power and best of all I got a free Cummins TShirt. Now I’ll be able to walk around as though I’m a mechanical genius vs the dunce that I really am.

Today’s drive was good & bad. I enjoyed the non interstate drive (though it was of interstate quality). I enjoyed the elevation changes and what views I got crossing the Allegheny Mtns. It rained the whole time which was a downer and most of the drive was in the clouds/heavy fog. So I opted for a short trip and stopped before noon just east of Corning, NY in a town named Horseheads, NY. Of course I asked what kind of story went with that name. The name is derived from the number of bleached heads of pack horses found here from the ‘Sullivan Expedition’ of 1779.

The Sullivan Expedition was an extended systematic military campaign conducted by the US during the American Revolutionary War against the Tories and the four Nations of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) which had sided with the British. The campaign ordered and organized George Washington and his staff was conducted to “take the war home to the enemy to break their morale”, and the expedition was largely successful in that goal as they destroyed more than 40 Iroquois villages and stores of winter crops, breaking the power of the six nations in New York all the way to the Great Lakes, as the terrified Indian families relocated to Canada seeking protection of the British. Today this area is the heartland of Upstate New York, and with the military power of the Iroquois vanquished, the events also opened up the vast Ohio Country, the Great Lakes regions, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky to post-war settlements. Don’t remember learning any of this in history class. I also learned that in Elmira/Horseheads were the locations of WWII concentration camps hold German and Japanese POWs. Never learned that either.

With the rain and fog plus heavy wind warning for later today, I plan on staying in Horseheads for the night.

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