134. It’s Really Erie Here

Thurs., 5/6/21

Pennsylvania, that is. I watched the weather forecast for the Niagara/Buffalo area and saw that the weather in WI was moving eastward and bring colder winds yet south out of Canada. Thursday was supposed to be sunny but with high temps of 52 degrees. The WI rain would move in Thurs night and Friday would be rain all day with high temps never even getting to 50 degrees. With nothing open. I could see no reason to stay but rather use the sunnier part of Thurs to head a bit south and west. I can be warm driving and heading westward will get me to the backside of the weather faster. So I drove a short day and ended up in Erie, PA. If the weather is decent Friday, I’ll do a midday drive right through Cleveland to probably Sandusky. If not, I’ll just hang here Friday and drive through Cleveland on Saturday.

The mapping program I use, called NEBO, is a marine mapping program I used while on the boat. It is heavily, though not exclusively, used by boats doing America’s Great Loop. Loopers can track each other, communicate with each other etc. and landed friends and relatives with the app can follow. I ‘dropped in’ on the app today and see the exodus out of FL northbound up the ICW is in full swing. Many, I’m sure, are hoping and counting on Canadian borders being open by the time they get there ‘cause there’s no way for many, probably most, to continue the Loop westward and then to the Mississippi River without crossing into Canada.

The clusters of boats underway, anchored or on mooring balls in various mapping segments between Daytona and Charleston. Zooming in would show the actual count (vs 10+) and location, which marina, cove etc, boat name, make and size, most with a picture and if underway, what speed along with the ability to text a specific boat. Dollars $$$ heading your way Myrtle Beach! My boat, Last Resort, with me as Captain is no longer part of that flotilla. I had my adventure and fun and don’t miss it.

Maybe I should have titled this entry ‘How to document a boring day’.

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