138. A Post by the Crew

My apologies for taking so long to post this. It is a difficult post. The “Captain” passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of June. As they would say on the Great Loop, he has crossed his wake. It has been very hard, especially followed close at hand with the death of another family member. He was 77 years old and proud as could be to have this blog. He very much appreciated everyone who followed and was so excited to write up all that he saw for his readers. He completed every post in a single sitting, with no proofreading.

My parents started full-timing in an RV almost thirty years ago and Dad had a travel blog long before they were called blogs. He and mom, and then he alone, travelled almost a half million miles all over this country and he loved every square inch. When I was on the road, anywhere, he could tell the exact route to a good restaurant and often several. I will miss him very very much. I am glad that he is now with my mom, who he missed terribly for almost ten years, and in the arms of our savior Jesus Christ.

7 thoughts on “138. A Post by the Crew”

  1. Thanks for this Deb. I so enjoyed getting to know your dad through these posts. I feel so very fortunate that Darlene and I were able to visit him and you in Havasu last December. It was an honor and a blessing to be able to attend his memorial service and hear of the very special person that he was. May God continue to give you and your sister and her family strength and comfort.
    Your cousin Geoff

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  2. Thank you for your post and responding to my message on FB. Although I a recent follower, I enjoyed reading his posts and looking over many of his previous posts. I am sad that I will not be able to meet him in person and park our Allegro Buses next to each other.

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  3. Thank you for the wrap up, Deb. It was hard for me to do that after Terry’s death as well. One thing I did that you might want to look into is publishing the blog. I had kept a blog of our travels from the time we embarked on our fulltime journey in 2005 until his death in 2020. I used “blog2print” and they can do several formats. They take the data directly from the blog and put in into a book. Mine was over 1500 pages long and I divided it into 7 volumes. You have many choices as to the arrangement, size, adding pix, etc. I had mine printed exactly as it appears on line. While I had mine printed in paperback, you can always have it printed to a pdf file and then store it on a thumb drive and distribute as you see fit. I purchased it that way as well and intend to give each family member a thumb drive with the blog on it. I figured the kids and grandkids would prolly read that rather than the books, so I have both, print and digital. Fortunately my blog was still totally intact, but I do know that some people have lost their blogs over time and I didn’t want that to happen. My son-in-law (who is a writer himself) is the one who suggested it saying he thought the grandkids would enjoy reading about the adventures of their grandparents.


  4. Dear Deb, we are all so sorry for you loss and we will miss the Captain/Uncle (to me) very much. I, along with many others I’m sure, look forward to his blog and unique view of the world. He did things that we all dream about and never do. Yet we could feel as if we were part of the adventure with his photos and great travel descriptions. We look forward to seeing soon! Take care.


  5. Dear Deb,
    I also enjoyed his post and all the facts and photos about the area he was in. He was a terrific writer!
    We will continue to pray for you and Vicki as you move forward. Grief is such a hard process but also a journey. You are loved!


  6. Deb, sending my sincere condolences to you and Vicki. I loved and will miss his stories of his adventures, the history lessons and how to maintain not only a RV but a boat as well. I met both your parents at Comerica Bank, actually worked with and for your Mom. She was a treasure! And of course to know her was to know your Dad. We always knew when they were hitting the road when the RV would show up in the back parking lot. RIP Captain 👨‍✈️


  7. Debbie and Vicki, I am so sorry for your loss. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting your dad in person I feel like I know you all via the stories your mom would tell us. I worked for you me mom and had the utmost respect for her. I got to know your dad better through his wonderful posts. My prayers go out to the both of you and the family. God bless! 🙏


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